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Earth is a beautiful planet which will soon be demolished by human activities

vaishali1980 26 / 83  
Jul 3, 2010   #1
Earth is a beautiful planet which will soon be demolished by human activities.
Human live on the planet with other animals. Human brain is much developed to other animals. They are emprers of the Earth and rule all over.

There are many reasons that I believes the Earth is being harmed by human activity.

The main reason is killing of animals. People like to hunt animals to show their braveness, as well as people hunt animals for food, pelts and entertainment.

Animal killing causes to vanish some species in the nature which will imbalance nature.
The second reason is construction. People construct houses, roads and bridges, which cause to increase non agriculture area. Materials used in constructions also affect atmosphere.

It lead to imbalance rain fall and increases heat which we call global warming. Global warming affects the Earth, like melting of ice on Antartica, skin diseases and so on.

The third reason is industrialization. People make many artificial things for their comfortness. Industrialization destroys and pollutes environment. Industrialization pollutes water, air and soil which affect all creature on earth. It will one day demolish the world

Furthermore, human activities like oil spill in gulf of Mexico caused to die many marine plants and animals.Global warming ,burning of forest kills forest animals and trees.

In conclusion, though human like to build beautiful houses for them to live in, but nature is definitely being harmed. To save earth human should think about their activities.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jul 6, 2010   #2
Humans live on the this planet along with other animals.

Yes, I like this version a little more.

This essay is full of wisdom. I really like it, despite the errors. I'll help with a discussion about "comfortness."

You don't ever need to write comfortness. It is better to write comfort. If you end something in ness it makes it a noun, but comfort is already a noun.

Here are examples:
I like this car because of its comfort.
I like the feeling of comfort.
Adjective: The smell of incense is comforting.

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