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Eating at restaurants or at home? TOEFL essay.

Hello Everybody. I am a new memberin this forum. I am preparing fot TOEFL and need help in essay writing.I request you to please give your liitle bit precious time to read my essay and correct it.

Thanks a million.

Essay topic
Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I always prefer to eat food at home rather than going out and eat at restaurants. In my food I don't like much oil or butter. I also prefer less spicy food. Most of the time food which serves in restaurants is very much spicy, that does create stomach upsets, gas and acidity. I always like to eat healthy food rather than tasty food.

When we cook food by on our ownor eat home made food we are assured that the fresh and clean raw materials have been used. Even if I eat vegetable sandwich I make it by using fresh bread and clean vegetables. Additionally, with dairy products like cheese, butter, curd and milk I check the quality and usage time recommended etc. All these things assured that food is hygienic. Contrary to that, In a restaurant I can't be sure about quality of the raw materials.

Sometimes after having food at food stands or restaurant people got sick or caught up with some stomach diseases like dysentery, typhoid etc. People who serve food or utensils which have used for serving the food may not be properly cleaned.

Salads and fruits one of my favourite food and I prefer to eat freshly cut vegetables or fruits instead of frozen ones because it is always recommended to have fresh fruits or vegetables. It is doubtful for restaurants that they get fresh vegitables daily and serve them fresh.

Hi Vijaya,my name is Tadesse
I like the way you mentioned about eating fresh food rather than freezed food.In my opinion, the grammars are fine except Some commas after dependent clauses and transitional words.One thing I saw and think to be corrected is,paragrasph three"Got Shpuld Be Get" because you used the word "some times."

Bye! good job!
I have always prefer to eat home made food rather than eating out because I don't like greasy food and I also prefer less spicy food. Most of food that are served in restaurants are very much spicy, that does create stomach upsets, gas and acidity for me. I always like to eat healthy food rather than tasty food. You need a better introduction. A thesis statement to support all your body paragraphs.
I have made some correction in between. Essay still need rewriting as lot of time you have used i like this that...., make a story in one flow and compair pros and corns in a paragraph rather than compairing in every sentence.

Good Luck !

vijaya dewaliya
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