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Should all education and healthcare be funded by the government and free for everyone?

IqbalThemi 44 / 46 13  
Jun 28, 2015   #1
All education and healthcare should be funded by the government and free for everyone.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion.

Give reason for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.

The idea that government should be responsible to provide the safety net such as education and healthcare are debatable motion. As far as I am concerned, it is believed by some people that education and healthcare are backbone of human being, which has to be freely available from the government to every society. However, others tend to think that the government should fund these services depending on demands of citizens since not all of them will go hospital and enroll at the school or college. As such, I personally agree with former opinion.

First of all, education and healthcare is largely considered a basic right for every person. The main reason of this is if a population is unable to calculate, read and write, they will be doomed in such a competitive global economy. Meanwhile, if people are unhealthy, they will lose mobility for working. The result of this is a rise of unemployment and poverty rates, so a problem faced by the government will be more and more complicated. Therefore, a state education and healthcare should be secured by government to all of social societies without charging.

Having said that, opponents of this idea argue that the government should guarantee both services based on request of individuals as not the whole citizens, paying tax revenue every time, will solve their health problem by controlling hospital doctors. To illustrate of this, more persons now run physical exercise regularly and have balanced diet to maintain their better life, while some of societies prefer to study outside school. Then, these attitudes will lead more and more people to perceive never government's budget for free both services. As a result, it is just waste of money from tax revenue, if government continue to afford these services with free of charge for all of citizens.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that it is arguably that many people probably will not require free education and healthcare in their life, but for some both cervices play a significant role in advanced economic competition globally. Therefore, I totally suggest that the government should be allocated more money to enhance education and healthcare freely for everyone as a key factor of any successful society.
Rich Monte 2 / 94 2  
Jun 28, 2015   #2
There should be 'services' instead of 'cervices' in the last paragraph.

You should also give more arguments about:

1. When people are responsible by eating a balanced diet and exercise - they should get a tax refund from government to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

2. When you talk about free healthcare and free education that are crucial in the global economy, you forgot about free food. Without free food, people will be malnourished and will not be able to even get up to go to school or to work. In result, providing free food should be even more important than providing free healthcare and education because without food it's impossible to accomplish anything.

3. Focusing back on healhtcare and education, you should dedicate a paragraph on helping out people from the neighboring countries. Many of foreigners cannot afford healtcare and education, so government should cover their expenses too in case their own governments fail to deliver.

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