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The cost of schooling and healthcare should be paid by the government - free access for all people

tria25 12 / 19 4  
May 1, 2016   #1
Please give suggestion and score for this writing. Thank you

TASK 2: All education and healthcare should be funded by the government and free for everyone

The cost of schooling and healthcare should be paid by the government and all people can utilize these services freely. I could not agree more that government should provide these public services without any charge, yet for poor society only.

Being healthy and educated is the right of all people and make them expect to obtain public services freely because they think that they have paid their taxes. An illustration of this is taxes of building every year. Its taxes is stored to the tax office and used for the developing of all aspects including education and healthcare aspects. They may think that the taxes paid all public services, so they do not need to pay again. Furthermore, all poor people and suburb people will get the same services as good as services in rural city.

Nevertheless, except poor people, I believe that entire society should be charged for these public services because many reasons. Firstly, different people have different need. Therefore, if they purchase the private services, they should cost it. For instance, private school should be paid because the tutors or even owners are not working for formal institution and will not be funded by government. Consequently, it is not fear for them giving services. The cost given can increase the tax of country used for public services improvement. In addition to this, the free services will make the workers lazy, lack of discipline, and give dissatisfied services to all people. The clear example is the one of healthcare assurance named BPJS giving a low-cost service to average to low level economy of people. Many people complain it because they served first the people paying more. It is the cheap service, how could the free service be if it is applied.

In conclusion, I would say disagree if all people except poor people get public services without any charge. They must pay the services in order to help the low-level economy people get the service for free. Finally, the government should regulate the process of every public service and give more attention to the needy society.

bottles 3 / 16  
May 1, 2016   #2
Hello tria25,

I think since the question description said that "all education and healthcare should be funded by government.", all education and healthcare should include public and private services. It means that there will be no private schools or hospitals in a country, so I think the essay provides a wrong example.

The essay also states that poor people can gain free services. According to the topic requirement, the essay should give reason for this statement. Why, do you think, only poor people are allowed to access free social services. After all, "different people have different needs" is not a adequate reason because rich people may also want to have a free doctor or teacher.

Mimi07 9 / 15 2  
May 1, 2016   #3
Hi Tria, your essay is good, please allow me to give you some suggestions.

I think in the second paragraph you are not focus to deliver your idea. There is some missed point. It will be good if you can give another example for your essay.

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