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Many employers are now offering their employees the option to work from home.

cherny 4 / 8 1  
Jun 21, 2018   #1
Question: Many employers are now offering their employees the option to work from home. As a result, employee will have much flexible working hours in the future. Is this a positive or negative develpoment?

work from home - the great innovation

Nowadays employees are provided option to work at home instead of in office. It is believed that employees' working hours will be more flexible in the future. The advantage of working at home that will be discussed in this essay is that, it makes employees more convenient to work at home. The disadvantage, however, is that employees are not able to join face-to-face discussion.

Work at home can bring a lot of convenience to employess because they can accompany their family member while working, especially for those who have to take care of their small children. It can also improve relationship between family members. For instance, parent can prepare breakfast for their children before sending them to school and spend time with them after school.

Hoewever, there is also disadvantage when employees working at home. Sometimes there will be soome urgent meetings that all employees must present and discuss about it. Although the employees who works at home can join the discussion through phone or Skype, it is still problematic in communication when network connection is poor. This may result in missunderstanding and some urgent problem could not be solved immediately. For example, other employees might not hear clearly what the other talking about when there is transmission delay.

Notwithstanding the possible occurence of misunderstanding, in my opinion, it is still good to allow employee to work at home because the relationship between family member are more valuable in compare to the missunderstandiing that might occur during a discussion.

In conclusion, it is clear that an option to work from home can benefits employees, including flexible working hours and also strong bond between family member. For those who have bad network connection at ome should find solution to solve their problem in order to work at home.

Chuni lal 2 / 6  
Jun 22, 2018   #2
I must say, you need to emphasis on your content. the content you have provided is not good enough to justify to your statements. Do you really think network connection can be a hurdle?
Holt [Contributor] - / 7,895 2171  
Jun 22, 2018   #3
Yi, unless the essay indicates "Discuss both points of view and give your opinion", you are not supposed to offer a comparative argument in response. This is a direct question essay that uses the term "or" in posing the question for response to. The term "or" is indicative of the need for the writer to pick only one point of view for discussion in the response essay. Unless otherwise stated, all of the Task 2 essays are single opinion essay presentations.

What this means is that you first indicate your personal opinion in the second paragraph, which is in the affirmative. You agree that working from home is advantageous. Then begin to explain why in the succeeding paragraphs. Use personal experience in support of your opinion discussion within the 2nd paragraph and then use other example statements and examples in the remaining 2 body paragraphs as part of your reasoning. Wrap it up with a summary of the reasons and restated thesis statement within the summary conclusion.
OP cherny 4 / 8 1  
Jun 22, 2018   #4
Hello, do you mean i should write 5 paragraph?

Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: Opinion
Paragraph 3: Reason why this is good
Paragraph 4: another reason why this is good
Paragraph 5: Summary

but in my opinionparagraph, i stated reason why is this good.

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