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Employers sometimes ask people for applying for jobs for personal information

Sharmistha 1 / -  
Oct 14, 2019   #1
Question : Employers sometimes ask people for applying for jobs for personal information, such as their hobbies and interests, and whether they are married or single. Some people say that this information may be relevant and useful. Others disagree.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

gathering personal details from a job candidate

In the current cut throat era, positioning a job has become difficult to everyone. In addition to this, the hirers were introduces plenty of criteria to filter a suitable employee for a given post. These may include both academic and personal information. Hence, a raging debate has arises on whether personal information should be mandatory or not.

In this competitive market, in many ways the personal details such as hobbies and interested, and whether the person married or single, of a new joiner plays important roles for an employer. First, taking the marital status in consideration, being a family man or woman, few employees are very rigid to their working hours. They always give excuses to ignore the responsibilities, never finish the assigned task and leave the office premises before time. As a result, it affects the success rate of a trade and later, the employers are answerable to clients. Second, if a worker is not given a post of his or her interest then he or she can never work effectively because of lack of knowledge or not being keen to learn. In a way, it effects the economy growth of the company.

On the flip side, in few area hobbies and marital status does not have much impact on their job status. Many a times, employers consider experience over personal preferences. For an example, to work in a retails shop or marketing trade, the management requires the experiences one. According to them, the more the experience the more the profit they can expect. Next, now-a-days, being aware of competition in the market, everyone is always in a ready to start mood irrespective of their interest. They always welcome any new challenges and have broadened their horizon in educational level, as well. This makes a person able to get hired easily.

To recapitulate, after discussing both the views, in my opinion employers should ask for the personal information of a new comer, so that they can assign the task as per their interest. This in turn, raises the success rate and become helpful in economic growth.
Ali20 8 / 14 2  
Oct 15, 2019   #2
Hello @Sharmistha !

First, i would say that your first paragraph is so excessive and don't give clear position of the question , you should make it simple and answer the question directly through whether do you agree or disagree and it is followed by general reason.

In the second paragraph, you imitate fully the question it is awful cause the examiner can consider you lack of vocabulary. Then, please paraphrase it!. overall, i can understand that your essay explains about benefit and drawbacks of marriage not a vivid perspectives why some people choose support and refuse using personal detail in job seeker form.

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