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IELTS: How to encourage people to use public transport?

posdream 4 / 12 5  
Aug 9, 2013   #1
People tend to use their own vehicles,cars etc instead of public transports like buses and trains. What do you think government should do to encourage people to use public transport?


Public transport is no longer a major means of transportation nowadays. It has been observed that people prefers to use their private vehicles such as cars, trucks to commute instead of using the public transport.

Some people believe that using a general transport meant for the people by the government has so many hassles and because of the long period of queues at terminals and stations,they prefer to use their car which can move almost immediately and arrive at their destinations whenever they want.

Others have complained of comfort in using a public transport, they feel they can be free in their personal vehicles than sitting next to a total stranger in a bus or a train.

Firstly, government should decrease the fares of the public transports. For instance, if a journey of 30 kilometres use to cost $20, government can reduce this fares in form of promos and discounts. This will draw peoples attentions to the public transports.

Also, Buses and trains should be kept clean and well managed in such a way that will attract people. For example, my sister came to visit me from another city some times ago,She boarded a train. I was at the train station to pick her up when i saw her stucked to the door,I moved closely to have a view of what was happening,i saw that her clothe was trapped and we had to cut her clothe before we were able to leave the station. She was so embarrassed and vowed never to take any public transport again. There are so many cases of neatly dressed people entering buses and coming out with a stain or a tough marks on their clothes.All these are turn-offs to people.

Special considerations should be given to the aged,children,the disabled and pregnant women. People in this category should have decrease in their fares. Government should hire trained personnel to cater for this group of people specially. I watched a woman on TV last weekend, she was so old and haggard. She could not even walk straight into the bus,She had to swing her legs before she can maintain her balance.There was no one to help her and she was left at the station because she couldn't move fast to join the bus.

Terminals and stations should be situated closer to residence,Shopping Malls and office for easy access so that people wont have to trek a long distance. Transportation should be made swift and reliable by constructing alternative roads for public transports alone. This will assure the people that it is hassle-free and the issues of traffic jam will be eradicated.

jflo 4 / 12 2  
Aug 9, 2013   #2
Where is your conclusion? :)
Your conclusion should contain a summary of the ideas presented on the body. No new ideas on the conclusion.
Pahan 1 / 1,906 553  
Aug 10, 2013   #3
Public transport is no longer a major means of transportation nowadays.

... well.... I think this is not a fare statement. In many countries, even developed countries in the West, people use public transportation (e.g. trains, buses etc.) more than their private vehicles. In the case of developing countries, not everyone can afford private vehicles and therefore more people depend on public transport. Be careful when you make general statements because the reader may suspect their validity if you don't word it carefully.

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