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Equal responsibility of parents - what's your opinion? IELTS TASK 2

Arundyna 12 / 16 2  
Nov 10, 2015   #1
"Fatherhood ought to be emphasised as much as motherhood. The idea that women are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to have babies leads on to the idea that they are also responsible for bringing the children up."

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this globalization era, several inhabitants claim that fatherhood has to responsible as same as motherhood. While, others think mothers are only one to decide weather just wife will determine children and taking their baby growing up. In my personal opinion, I believe both man and woman are equal responsibility for their son or daughter as it will take a wide range of advantages although the other dwellers think the opposite.

On the one hand, society opine if mothers can allow to decide herself, it will be easy and create a lot of benefit for their children. The major one is, motherhood recognizes their baby so deeply, therefore they might easy to choose the best food and education for their baby to growing up. also wonderful mothers know regarding their physic and psychology when they start to bird, beside fathers should hard think about financial life, as a consequence, it disturbs the man to seek out plenty of many for family. As a result, mother should commit their affair their children by their self because it is more precise manner.

On the other hand, there is a strong reason that man and women are similar affair. First of all, the creature as girls are more stressful if they maintenance their children alone, it supports by Journal Scientist that brain in woman more vulnerable than man, for that, they need man who can support each other. Not only this, mother can be difficult to devote time in family, as an illustration, the household must do their household tasks lonely as clean floor, cooking, further looking after their baby for this factor, husband ought to accompany their wife to determine having children and helping them to grow up.

To sum up, even though females know very clearly regarding their children, the proper way commit collaboration together with their husband to decide a good role model for their son or daughter, therefore it constructs amazing outweigh to their baby.
SHanafi 120 / 415 93  
Nov 10, 2015   #2
On the one hand , society opine if mothers can allow to decide herself, it will be easy and create a lot of benefit for their children.

Try to use a single idea on your body and then do support your idea. Moreover, it is illogical if you use "on the other hand" in the first body paragraph since you have to present an idea not state a contrast on your intro. I try to present a part of body paraghraph below. Hopefully this helps :)

Parenting is about quality, not whether there is the equality of one or two appearance. Moreover, bringing up children in sole maternity having no correlation on impalpable love for children. It is, then, become vivid that single motherhood stands in easier position on giving her full attention to children rather than she should having a consensus with father, a navigator would never confuse you.
Diqon 10 / 33 12  
Nov 10, 2015   #3
i found some mistakes of your.

... fatherhood has to be responsible as same ...

... therefore they might be easy to choose the ...

.. beside fathers should hard thinkthink hardly about financial life, as ...

... commit their affair to their children by their ...

... the creature as girls areis more stressful if they may be maintenance their children ...

... the proper way is to commit collaboration together ...

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