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European people spent most on the basic needs like food, drinks and tobacco

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consumer expenditure by category in five countries

Food, drinks, and tobacco Clothing and footwear Leisure and education
Ireland 28.91 6.43 2.21
Italy 16.36 9 3.20
Spain 18.80
Sweden 15.77 5.40 3.22
Turkey 32.14 4.35

This table compares the proportion of consumer expenditure by category in five countries, including Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey, within one-year period of 2002.

As can be seen from it, food drinks, and tobacco accounted for the largest percentage in every researched country, with clothing-footwear item taking up lower percentage and leisure-education making up the lowest.

It is clear that, compared with other nations; Turkey had the highest proportion by two categories with 32.14% in food-drinks-tobacco and 4.35% in leisure-education. Besides, its clothing-footwear expenditure was the second highest among all the listed ones in this class.

Ireland's food-drinks-tobacco spending ranking as number two took up as much as 28.91%, sharply higher than that of the number three, Spain, which was 18.80% in this year. Except for Ireland's second highest food-drink-tobacco expenditure rate, its clothing-footwear percentage accounted for 6.43%, slightly lower than that of Turkey. However, this nation's leisure-education cost rate was as low as 2.21%, which was the second lowest among all in this class.

Italy, having the highest clothing-footwear percentage of 9%, took up 16.36% food-drinks-tobacco spending rate, and 3.20% proportion in leisure-education item.

Sweden took up the second highest leisure-education percentage, 3.22%, coupled with 15.77%, lowest in food-drinks-tobacco, and 5.40%, lowest in clothing-footwear among all these nations.

To summarize, people in each nation spent most in the basic needs like food, drinks and tobacco, less in the basic needs such as clothes and footwear, and least in advanced spending including leisure and education.

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