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Evaluation of today's urbanization. Are modern buildings ruin our cities or towns?

Stacy Handayani 29 / 16 19  
Apr 7, 2015   #1
Question :
Some people say that modern buildings are ugly and are ruining our towns and cities, especially when these buildings are very different from those around them. Others say that they add variety and interest.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Introduction :
Designing buildings is a common trend in urban area. Because of this, some people believe that modern buildings benefit and add brilliance to cities since their design are offbeat and attractive. On the other hand, buildings with unique construction are more likely to be hideous buildings and they devalue the cities' environment as their architectures contrast with their neighborhood buildings. However, I believe that modern buildings can be beneficial for the cities as long as their design bring harmony to their neighborhood.

Modern buildings give more benefits to the cities. For this reason, most people believe that the more magnificient the building, the more positive impacts that cities will receive. As the design of modern buildings are different and colorful from their neighborhood, it can be a point of interest of the cities and it can encourage tourism aspects as tourists found an interest to visit the cities. As such, magnificient buildings are not spoil the cities but value it.

On the other hand, modern buildings damage entire view of the cities, as their design against the concept of their neighborhood. For example, The Walt Disney Concert Hall that has spectacular design, waving shape and bright appearance. However, the metalic material which covering the building are too shiny and reflecting some lights. Consequently, it causes the driver who passes nearby the building nearly blind and the reflection of the building heats up some neighborhood buildings. Therefore, this modern building is impressive, but has negative impact to it's neighborhood.

Above all, I would argue that modern building will give more benefit to the cities when their design embrace their neighborhood buildings. Take an example, Muse de Louvre, a museum built in the middle of classic architecture buildings. However, the modern glasses construction is not ruin other old architectures, yet it is being part and parcell with them. As a result, together they attract more tourist to take in line for entering this museum. Therefore, there is no doubt that modern building can advantage the cities as it has humble design.

To conclude, it is evident that there are negative and positive impacts of modern buildings. However, I would say that the design of the buildings is the one that can bring merit or demerit to the cities. Therefore, it is imperative for city council to pay attention on the design and on the neighborhood before constructing a building.
ransom2092 - / 4 3  
Apr 7, 2015   #2
Sentence 1, pluralize building. It is buildings. Sentence 2, remove "are" from the sentence. It is unnecessary. Sentence 3, demolishes should be a different word, like devalues. Hideous buildings are not destroying cities, but they can devalue them. The last sentence should not be your opinion about whether cities benefit modern buildings or not. It should introduce the idea that you are going to talk about the pros and cons of having modern buildings in the city. A simple sentence stating that there are many pros and cons to having modern buildings in a city will do, and then you can launch into the body of the essay with a paragraph about the pros and a paragraph about the cons.
lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Apr 7, 2015   #3
I'm confused by the first sentence. Do you mean that designing buildings are a common trend in urban areas? In the second sentence you can delete "are" and remember that you are discussing more than one building so you would change it to "their designs are" When you use the word "it" you are making it singular. So change it to "they" to make it plural.

When you discuss the building's unique construction are you trying to say.. hideous buildings and ruin the look of cities because their architecture contrasts with neighborhood buildings. When you use demolish it seems like you are going to tear the city down. The last sentence I would change the end to "the neighborhood". *This is a good start. Watch the spelling of neighborhood.
OP Stacy Handayani 29 / 16 19  
Apr 9, 2015   #4
Thankyou so much Ms. Ainun for your suggestion. It helps me so much..

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