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Everyone should become vegetarian because a healthy meal does not necessarily require meat

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Sep 9, 2021   #1

Everyone should become vegetarian because they do not need to eat meat to have a healthy diet

In this digital age, school of thoughts hold the view that everyone should become vegetarians because of the fact that a healthy meal does not necessarily require meat. From my point of view, I am strongly disagreed with the aforementioned idea for the insufficient health values and not widespread popularity.

To begin with, becoming a vegetarian can lay disadvantageous effects on each individual's health. As a matter of fact, the presence of vegetables cannot comprehensively compensate for the absence of meat. Meat is highly comprised of several useful components, such as protein or carbohydrate, which provides people with an adequate source of energy. Lacking these nutritional values, each person may experience a shortage of calories to meet their energy needs. Consequently, he or she could feel too lethargic to maintain his or her daily activities.

Furthermore, strictly sticking to a vegetarian diet is considered to be tedious and therefore not entirely applied to the whole community. To be more detailed, by only following a vegetarian diet, people are unable to thoroughly experience the diversity of cuisine. Also, the consumption of vegetables is not as delicious as that of meat counterpart. For example, a piece of tofu will never taste as good as a greasy piece of beef. Therefore, many people find it unwise and not necessary to shift from absorbing meat ingredients into becoming a genuine vegetarian.

In conclusion, while it is said that people should be vegetarians because the nutritional value of meat is negligible for a healthy meal, I am totally disapproved of the mentioned idea for negative impacts on health and a lack of enjoyment.
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Sep 10, 2021   #2
In this digital age

This has nothing to do with the discussion provided. References must be suitable to the given topic. In this case , the vocabulary and references used should be food related. The above reference is more appropriate for technology discussions.

I am strongly disagreed

Use this as a response in an extent essay. This topic falls under a simple agree or disagree presentation. Suit the response to the question. Do not use exaggerated terms when it is not implied in the discussion question. While acceptable as a response, there will be deductions due to the wrong response format.

The rest of the essay however, strongly and properly supports the writer's opinion. The paragraphs are well focused and connected. Reasons are easily understood even with some LR and GRA issues. There are minimal errors that will not prevent the essay from achieving a passing score.

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