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Familiar circumstances plays important role in creativity promoting children's personality

nguyen hong 2 / 2  
Aug 23, 2012   #1
Some people think that children become good members of society depend on how teach of parents. However, others claim that it belongs to responsibility of school. Both sides of this issue will be discussed in my essay.

It is, first, stated that parents have positive effects on children's education. By dint of teaching of parents, the children can understand life's basic rule such as respecting to the elders and others. Moreover, when children have difficult problem, parents usually analyze and then guide them how to solve the problem correctly. However, it is palpable that no sooner were children gone to school than their knowledge significantly extend. Besides, children far from family, they get more mature due to they have to decide and take the responsibility for their actions. Besides, with many subjects such as philosophy and society, they can understand more about external world.

Secondly, familiar circumstance plays important role in creativity children's personality. Only when children see parents' hard work to earn money do they realize parents' care then trying to learn well and doing work hard to help family. In addition, parent's attitude to neighbor gradually affect to children. It can believed that parents are mirrors who children follows. Nevertheless, in schools, the children can participate discussion, talk about their opinion and present a topic, which makes them more confident. Equally important, once living with the friends, children know how to take care each other and doing a teamwork, they know how to co-operate to complete the work.

In conclusions, both parents and schools are main factors contribute to growth of children to be good members of society.

dvalwani 1 / 1  
Aug 23, 2012   #2
Lengoctrang did a really good job in editing this essay!! I hope you wouldn't mind taking the time out in editing mine as well! I submitted a thread of my personal statement for graduate school application for SLP.

Thanks so much! and good luck nguyen on your essay!

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