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Fast food safety and school ban

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Jun 6, 2021   #1

unhealthy fast foods at schools

Did you know that a single fast-food meal could add 160 and 310 extra kilocalories to the daily caloric intake for teenagers and younger children? There are many disadvantages and scientific researches that shows how unhealthy fast food is for the body especially for children. These fast-food meals that schools offer in their cafeterias destroy children's bodies and should be replaced by healthier options such as fruits and vegetables that can help the body grow. In my opinion, schools should definitely ban fast foods from their cafeterias since it increases obesity rates, are causes of multiple diseases and are bad for brain function.

One of the main reasons that schools should ban fast foods is that they are a major reason that leads to obesity among students. Students who constantly eat these fast food meals will gain weight and eventually becoming obese or overweight. For the same reason, in America, the number of children obese is rising drastically in the past years and that is because fast foods are eaten everywhere and are so easy to get. One study done by the CDC shows that one-third of America's population is considered obese. The reason why fast food is the main cause of obesity is that many of them are very high on calories and sometimes a single meal can exceed the daily amount of calories a body needs. Banning fast foods from school cafeterias can help reduce the rate of obesity and keep the students well and healthy.

Furthermore, another reason, which strongly makes me believe that fast foods should be banned from schools, is that they cause many types of diseases including cancer. Nutritionists have proved that the great glycaemic load, which is the increase in blood glucose that comes along with eating fast foods, can be a cause of endometrial cancer. Additionally, a study done by the nutrition cancer association proved that students who ate the most fast food showed a higher risk of getting a mouth or stomach-related type of cancer. Schools can easily prevent their students from having these diseases by simply banning fast foods from their canteens.

Lastly, I believe that fast foods should be banned from school because they are bad for brain function. To prove that studies from WebMb have shown that eating too many fast foods can decrease brain function. That is because the preservatives and additives of fast foods can have negative effects on brain concentration performance, which leads students to lose focus in class. Moreover, that affects their marks and makes them decrease and can possibly be the reason for the students not to achieve a mark of acceptance for their dream university. Rather than the school providing fast foods, they can start providing foods that contain substances such as omega 3, which helps the brain function and makes the students more focused in class.

In conclusion, if schools do not ban or at least decrease the amount of fast food at canteens many students will suffer from their health. More importantly, schools should start reconsidering giving out fast food meals as soon as possible and should start changing those meals that destroy bodies with meals that build bodies. I believe that the facts that I have stated in this essay should be very clear to schools and proves my point which is that fast food is very unhealthy for students. These meals can cause obesity, diseases, and decreases brain functions. Would you like to be leaving with obesity and chronic diseases just because you could not stop yourself from eating fast food? Start Eating Healthy and Build your Body!
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Jun 7, 2021   #2
Was this paper meant to be a task 2 essay response or, as a research paper? Based on the manner of discussion, I believe you have written this as a research paper and will review it as such. Please specify the paper type next time for a more precise review.

I noticed that you referred to research information in almost every paragraph, but you did not properly cite the source of information in-text. When you use information that was learned through other sources, you need to acknowledge the source. Otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism. If this were a task 2 paper, you would have hada bigger problem because you can only use personal or public knowledge as information. You cannot cite other sources.

* Limited review due to uncertainty regarding the writing format.

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