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TASK 1 - The figures in terms of using water for varied intentions in six regions of the world

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Sep 8, 2022   #1

Percentage of water used for different purposes in six areas of the world

The given charts indicate the figures in terms of using water for varied intentions in six regions of the world. Overall, central Asia was the top of using water for agriculture, while Europe took up a majority of water for industrial use.

When it comes to agricultural use, the figures of Central Asia, SouthEast Asia, South America and Africa accounted for more than half of the whole groups, saying 88%, 81%, 71% and 84%. However, the percentage of these countries occupied a minority of industrial and local purposes . Particularly, the figure of SouthEast Asia mostly doubled that of Central Asia and Africa, while the number of South America doubled that of Central Asia regarding manufacture use. By contrast, there was 19 percent in domestic use of South America, which was twice as much as that of three remaining agricultural nations.

Regarding two industrial countries, their figures took up just over a half and around a half of the whole categories, while the numbers for agriculture intention took up over a third, with the figures being 39% and 32%. Interestingly, these countries occupied a larger percentage of domestic use in comparison with that of agricultural countries, which accounted for a small minority/ a small portion (15% and 13% respectively).
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Sep 9, 2022   #2
A summary overview must be complete in its explanation of the important figures and references from the given image. That means, a specific image type and number of images presented should kick off the essay That is because the image number and image type will be the basis of the mental picture that the reader will use to better understand the provided information. Since the trending statement indicates 2 out of 6 reference points, there should be a preceding sentence that enumerates all 6 of these considerations to allow the reader to again, gain a better understanding of the information short form in relation to the discussion focus.

The writer does not clearly use the image measurements in the reporting paragraphs. Due to the incorrect or confusing percentage placements, the reader comes away from this essay more confused than informed by the shared information. It is important that the writer learns how to write these report types in a clear and accurate manner. One way he can do this is by reading the stock market section of the newspapers. The task 1 essay shares similarities in information presentation with this section of newspapers and can very well help the writer learn how to write a proper analysis report for this task.

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