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Ielts a Film review - Aquaman

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Mar 17, 2020   #1

"Aquaman - King of Atlantis"

"Aquaman- King of Atlantis" is a miraculous action film by James Wan director. The film is set in the Atlantic Ocean and tells a story about the adventure finding the throne of a man. Jason Momoa plays the lead roles as Aquaman, the hybrid child of ocean and land, the heir of Atlantis. Amber Heard is Mera, a strong and intelligent princess. And the villain of the film is Ocean Master- King Orm, acted by Patrick Wilson.

When Aquaman was a child, he was grown up in the land by his father. As a teenager, he started to go to the sea and learn how to utilize his inner-power from the uncle in the ocean royal family. Under the ocean, King Orm falls in love with Mera princess. When Aquaman comes back to the ocean, Mera loves him at first sight. The film reaches the dramatic climax when the love and throne competition between Aquaman and King Orm starts. Finally, all the ocean citizens are persuaded to respect Aquaman as a King of Atlantis because he finds the way using the strongest power of the ocean- the loyal stick. The film gives prominence to family love and couple love. Besides, through the ocean war, the film also educates about the environment by showing the consequence of the angry nature.

The cast is excellent, each scene in the film brings the opportunities for the players to show their act talents. The film is full of monumental scenes as undersea life. Besides, the music in the film is worth billions.

"Aquaman- King of Atlantis" is a film well worth seeing. This is a great attractive and satisfying film about superhuman.
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Mar 17, 2020   #2
IELTS does not do film review essays. The exam takers will not necessarily have all seen the movie prior to the test so the IELTS team limits its exam questions to listening or visual tests based on short TED talks, news paper reports or opinions, and other similar conferences and seminars. You made a mistake with your choice of review format. Next time, listen to a TED talk instead. That type of test will be for IELTS Task 1. I cannot score you on a test that does not have a proper set of instructions based on an actual IELTS test setting. I will however, correct some grammar mistakes in your work.

Remember, use proper Task 1 and Task 2 prompts for your review. Don't make your own topics up. That is not the proper way to review because you do not know how to format the questions for such tests. You will not learn anything if you do not follow the proper way of writing essay practice tests.

The main problem with your sentences will be in the faulty grammar range and sentence structures. It would be in your best interest to begin writing English sentences, without any essay prompts for now. Just do sentence structure and grammar range exercises for the time being. Unless you learn to properly format these sentences and use the proper vocabulary for the sentences, you will end up losing major points in the GRA, LR, and C&C sections.

An IELTS test is never a narrative of a movie. It is always an analysis of data, a letter, a listening summary, an opinion paper, or an assessment presentation, to name but a few types of IELTS tests. It will never be a movie review.

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