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Film stars and celebrities often share their views on public matters

kvy 1 / -  
Jan 28, 2024   #1
In the contemporary era, There are many opinions on a certain public issue shared by celebrities and movie stars. While some people vehemently argue that those shared words will bring joy to fans because in their eyes, that celebrity is an admirable person, others believe that it's not as good as people think on many aspects of that public problem. From my stance, the advantages are pale in comparisons with detrimental repercussions this may bring.

On the positive side, this is a platform for raising people's awareness. When they share their views on public matters, even if unrelated to their profession, they can bring attention to important social or political issues and raise awareness among their followers. A typical example is that members of blackpink called on people to save the world from getting worse day by day via social networking platforms. One of the other positive things it brings is that it inspires people's participation. Whereas film stars and celebrities express their opinions on public matters, it can inspire their fans and followers to become more politically or socially engaged. Their influence can encourage people to educate themselves, engage in discussions, and take action to make a positive difference in society.

On the negative side, There is a lot of harm that will happen if a celebrity does not have expertise in the issue famous people are talking about. While celebrities may have strong opinions on public matters, they often lack the expertise and in-depth knowledge required to fully understand the complexities of these issues. Sharing uninformed or superficial views can lead to misinformation or oversimplification of complex problems. Besides, those statements are sometimes thoughtless, shallow words that do not foresee the consequences. Due to time constraints or limited understanding, celebrities may not thoroughly analyze or consider the multiple perspectives and nuances of public matters. Their statements may be based on personal biases or limited information, potentially leading to oversights or misguided opinions.

In conclusion, stars have gained a lot of popularity throughout their career and they have a great influence on people. Therefore, they help with positive views on public issues and they also try to create a peaceful society. However, parents should still keep an eye on their children and guide them to watch good things.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Jan 29, 2024   #2
There are 2 things you have to bear in mind when developing your task 2 essay. The first is the time limit of 40 minutes. The second, is that you will gain a better score by writing a simple essay within the 250-300 word frame. Writing almost 400 words may not be possible during the actual test.

You are also contradicting your own opinion in the presentation. As a single opinion essay, you are expected to defend your stance using 2 reasons over 2 paragraphs. Contradicting yourself by defending both sides will cause failing C+C and GRA scores as your opinion is no longer clear to the reader.

The examiner will not score the unrelated opinion paragraph. He will deduct this from the score and word count instead, leading to a higher degree of a failing score on your end.

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