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IELTS - Firm discipline is a necessary part of teaching children . agree or disagree

notaoom 1 / -  
Sep 12, 2011   #1
Firm discipline is a necessary part of teaching children . agree or disagree ?
The issue whether teaching children remains uncontroverial dispute. Some pp believe that firm discipline provides kids easier access to hebave as it should be . While other claim that this decision is not perfect . I don't totally agree with this firm discipline .

First , it is argued that children will bring up these good characteristics with girid punishments can children have pressure to remember deeply , like being on time , doing exercises , respecting their teachers . However , the sad truth is that os afraid of firm discipline do they gradually errors , therefore, as a result of self-unconfident. In some cases ,Kids who were born and grow up with strict punishments have a high trend to be the habit of aping the adults to the next-generation or being stressed . Others said that this education method has negative effect to children .

the second benefit of firm discipline helps kids stay away from evils in society .It is possible that at the age of puberty which is rebel age and big-ego, children can be attracted to bad action without determined advises or parents' punishments . However the likelihood is that only in their family do children need unconditional love more than parents' cane . The facts have shown that as a result of not being loved by parents , even driving away , one of them lost their direction in behaviour and naively believe that bad friends like their comrades .

only by this education do children are violated children's rights . In other word nowhere were child attacted by both civil society and serious children violation than in education !

i need recomments' every one . THANKS ALOT ! ^^

karremflores 1 / 2  
Sep 12, 2011   #2
For this case i agree in firm discipline,but it depends in how you handled it,and how the way you discipline the children.Kids are obviously have different kind of attitude and it's important to know them better to avoid them to be force,or make violence and be depart upon you.

Firm discipline is very important,in that way you helping the kids to step in right way,to be a better person in the becoming future.But as i said it depends in how you handle it.Most of the parent's discipline there children in not a good way,and the result is they force their children to make violence with other.The positive result in firm discipline is you can control your children,but in the good way,In the way that children will afraid of you not because you punish them but you just end of there evil doings.They learn much respect than other,and afraid in doing bad and violent things.In that way you can say in your self that your children will grow-up as a better person.

And the best necessary part in teaching children is learn to balance your disciplinary action punish them if needed,but control all your actions,make the children understand you because of their mistakes.Make them feel why you do the things that they assume your wrong..

For all the parent's and to the becoming parent's in future,do the things what's good in your heart for your children and up coming children..

Hoping for your kind and consideration... THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS...

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