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vieta06 1 / -  
Sep 17, 2023   #1
The typical teaching situation of a teacher and students in the class will not exist by the year 2050.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is sometimes argued that the traditional classroom setting of a teacher instructing a group of students may be eliminated by the year 2050. While there are some benefits to the way of learning by technological advancements, I maintain the opinion that traditional teaching will still exist.

On the one hand, the option to disappear from conventional classrooms is attractive for several reasons. First and foremost, in the modern day, due to technological developments, individuals have been allowed to access educational resources from anywhere in the world. In the COVID-19 pandemic, for instance, online meetings, which played an integral part in the daily basis of students, had great influences on the way teachers and their students interacted. Another crucial reason is that the use of artificial intelligence has also impacted the way we learn. These technologies would allow students to broaden their knowledge and give individuals feedback. This has the potential to transform traditional teaching to the greatest approach with technological aid.

On the other hand, there are a variety of reasons why I believe conventional teaching situations will still appear, whereas, the main one is that it is required a face-to-face interaction. If one found it hard to solve math or did not have a full understanding of problems, the individual would ask questions to their tutors, additionally, the feedback or an approach would be received immediately. As a consequence, those would enhance their personal skills such as problem-solving or communication skills, therefore, students will learn more effectively and finally, achieve productive results.

In conclusion, while some maintain that the development of society, especially technology would play a vital role in the learning systems, I believe it is better to maintain traditional teaching. It is predicted that the mixture of both also have a positive impact in the future.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15036 4827  
Sep 26, 2023   #2
Your overall response to the original prompt is incorrect. There are 2 reasons for this mistake:

1. There is no measured, emotional response to the presentation as required by the writing instruction.
2. You are using a comparison discussion for the presentation when a single opinion essay presentation is required.

The first error you made was that you failed to use the measured response properly. That means using a strong emotional response such as "I vehemently" or "I strongly", in response to the "extent" question. These ar but 2 examples of possible reponses that you could have provided.

Next, your essay is scored on the clarity of your explanation in terms of your personal opinion. You did not do that in this case. The failure to meet that expectation comes from how you created confusion for the reader by allowing yourself to defend both sides of the discussion when you clearly opposed one side in your writer's opinion statement. Points will be deducted for the sudden change in opinion discussion. You now have a confusing writer's opinion presented.

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