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food security / sustainability assignment; scenario

feversome 1 / 1  
Mar 26, 2014   #1
hi, im wondering if people can give me some starting points on writing this. im not even entirely sure what a stakeholder's "stake" means (how it affects them?) and im having a lot of trouble imagining that i'm working professionally.

Scenario: The Victorian Parliament has voted to extend the urban growth boundary to accommodate population growth. Part of this extension is occurring in a mostly rural Shire on Melbourne's fringe. Around 40% of the fresh vegetables produced in the Shire are consumed by Melbourne residents. Another 40% reaches regional markets with the remainder travelling interstate or overseas. Despite this, the area has experienced long-term drought. As a result of housing demand and water scarcity, growers have repeatedly called for council to rezone rural land for residential living. Despite this, climate change and PEAK oil have brought new uncertainties to national and global food supply, throwing new importance of peri-urban production in supplementing food supply.

Your role is to advise the strategic planning team about the best way to balance population growth, housing and water supply and whilst maintaining food security. The team will use your recommendations to include in their Structure Plans for the area.

You work for the United Nations Associated of Australia, Victorian Division. You are holding a forum in November called " best way to balance population growth, housing and water supply whilst maintaining food security to take recommendations to the upcoming seminar.Global Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture: Australia's Role? Challenges and Opportunities". Your role is to research the best way to balance population growth, housing and water supply whilst maintaining food security to take recommendations to the upcoming seminar.

Your Draft Report needs to cover the following: 
1. Outline the background, including the policy background, to the problem raised within your chosen scenario (Note that the policy background will be more important in some scenarios than others, so please consult your tutor for guidance on this).
2. Identify the stakeholders and explain their 'stake' in the issue or issues raised within your chosen scenario. You may need to look at 'local' stakeholders and also consider the influence of non-local individuals or organisations (such as industry groups, government agencies, advocates, community groups or social sectors). Who needs to be considered in formulating a response to the problem or situation presented by your scenario? What is negotiable and non-negotiable? Who needs to be directly consulted? Which policies need to be considered? Who needs to be kept informed?
3. Briefly articulate some ways of dealing sustainability with challenges posed by your chosen scenario.

collegebound28 13 / 22  
Mar 29, 2014   #2
An interesting way to look at this might be to look into urban agriculture; people in cities are looking for locally grown, organic and sustainably grown food and have started looking to community gardens and backyard agriculture to meet this need. I don't know much about the situation in Australia, but in the U.S. ( in places like Detroit) what was once urban blight ( abandoned buildings, former industrial areas) is being re-purposed as farm land. Also a discussion on the sustainability of industrialized agriculture could be useful as a comparison to smaller, more local sources of food like community gardens. Farm projects, where community members either pay with money or labor in exchange for produce have become popular. Questions to think about: how does this issue effect small farmers? Urbanites? Traditional large scale agricultural corporations? Local and state governments? Rural people? Food security and sustainability are also class issues- people in the inner city often lack access to healthy food and are dependent on processed foods, while the wealthy can afford organic, locally grown food through farmers markets and health food stores.

Home / Writing Feedback / food security / sustainability assignment; scenario
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