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writing task 1 IELTS: writing a letter to your friend about a movie

pooneh 2 / 4  
Aug 11, 2013   #1
Write a letter to your English speaking friend about a movie that you are planning to watch. Please say
- What is special about this movie?
- How is it related to your friend?
- Suggest an arrangement to see this movie together

My darling Sanaz,

Hi, how are you? How is your big belly? Are you still safe and sound? I want to tell you about one movie that I prefer to watch with you as I think watching a movie together would be more enjoyable.

The new film on the screen is 'The Past' that I think you are interested to watch this movie. Can you guess who the director is? Asghar Farhadi is the Iranian director of this movie who won the Oscar award for his previous movie, 'The Separation'. The actress of this movie is French and the movie played in Paris. In my opinion, what makes the movie distinguished is the mixture of two cultures in it, which are completely different from each other at the first sight, the french culture as a part of western culture and Persian as eastern one. As this movie has been awarded prizes in various film festivals, I think it is worth watching movie. I know that you enjoy movies with social themes. I suggest to have a catch up on next Friday morning and in the afternoon we can go to the cinema.

Please let me know by the end of this weekend.

Kiss and love,

dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Aug 11, 2013   #2
How is your big belly?

Hey... are you trying to offend your friend? ...LOL
Your whole essay looks like one paragraph. However, it needs these features;
1. Identify the type of letter (e.g. formal/ semi formal/ informal)
2. Open and Close the letter correctly( e.g. open; Formal letter - Dear Sir / Informal Letter -Dear Sanz)
3. Open an informal letter with a general, friendly paragraph
4. Identify the main purpose of the letter
In your case it is an informal letter
OP pooneh 2 / 4  
Aug 12, 2013   #3
thank you dumi for your useful comments.
I think it is a slang (how is your big belly) :)
gmad06 20 / 151 55  
Aug 12, 2013   #4
Hi Pooneh,

To say the least, you made me smile while reading your letter..:) So about your letter, I think it is too informal to receive good marks in the exam. In the IELTS, the term "informal letter" refers to salutation, adressing your friend by his name, and choice of words but not to the extent that you would sound too native or barbaric. Aside from that, I think there is no proper flow of your messages. If it will help, here is my advise on a simple structure for a letter:

Paragraph 1: Purpose of letter
Paragraph 2: Explain in detail
Paragraph 3: Action need to be taken by you or the receiver

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