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Getting information from newspapers and other media

thuyduong470 1 / -  
Oct 11, 2023   #1

the newspaper as a source of information

In recent years, it is believed that getting information from newspapers is the best way, while others argue that other media are a better source of news. Although printed news plays a vital role in our life, I am in favor of the idea that learning news through other media will be the better option in the long run

On the one hand, it is undeniable that newspapers still hold the most popular position among newsreaders for the following justifications. Firstly, newspapers are a reliable source of information which are written, edited, and censored carefully by professional journalists before the publication. Therefore, the information is neutral and accurate. Furthermore, traditional newspapers are easily accessible to everyone. For instance, senior citizens are normally unfamiliar with technological devices or those who live in a place without internet connection; thus, reading newspapers is considered a convenient way to keep themselves informed. .

On the other hand, it seems to me that other media offer readers a wide range of benefits. The first and foremost reason is that other media update the latest information faster than traditional newspapers. In fact, by using portable devices with access to the Internet such as smartphones or iPads,.....people can access a huge storage of news in just a few clicks every time everywhere. Another compelling idea is that other media bring a great deal of interesting experiences to readers through different forms. For instance, people can stay informed about music events through videos, sounds that are more eye-catching and a more enjoyable reading experience instead of long texts.

In conclusion, though the roles of newspapers are significant in conveying accurate information and ease of access for readers, I am of the opinion that news from other media is more superior because of greater reading experience and more accessibility.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4800  
Oct 14, 2023   #2
You made your position clear in the writer's opinion section. Yet you contradicted yourself in the discussion paragraphs. You will lose points for not being solidly behind your own opinion. That means, you have confused the reader because you chose to defend both sides of the discussion rather than justifying your personal opinion alone.

The point of this essay is for you to deliver the best explanation for your opinion over 2 paragraphs. You have to make sure that you convince the reader that your opinion is the most valid one. You have to disprove the opposing opinion in order to do that. That means, you can take what seems to be a valid counter opinion, but then prove that it is invalid based on specific reasons that support your opinion.

Right now, the essay will be deemed incorrectly developed since it does not follow the single opinion defense presentation. You will lose points because of the incorrect discussion format.

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