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Give the advantages and disadvantages of attending tutoring classes.

hngan_9th 1 / -  
Jan 16, 2022   #1
It is said that today, students send too much time attending tutoring classes after school time, which prevents them from developing their ability to study by themselves.

In about 200-220 words, give the advantages and disadvantages of attending tutoring classes.

Living in a modern world with new changes happening every day, students are inclined to study hard to catch up with the present pace of the world. Besides their parents want them to study well too. That's why more and more tutoring classes appear to meet this demand. At first tutoring classes are supposed to be very useful but gradually there are some disadvantages of them because students spend too much time attending tutoring classes. For starters, we need to study the advantages. First of all. it helps us to enrich our knowledge of the lesson. At school, a period lasts for about 45 minutes. It's such a short time that the teachers can teach the whole lesson clearly and the student can't understand them deeply either. At that time tutoring classes will help to solve this problem. Next, if a student can't learn by himself or herself, that student won't make any progress without the help of the teacher in tutoring classes. For example, it is you who don't attend extra classes, what will you do if you can't understand a lesson or you still can't solve a problem after a long time of thinking? I'm afraid that there won't be any efficient ways other than attending tutoring classes. The teacher will have more time to explain the lessons to you and you will also have a chance of asking him or her to help you with difficult problems. In addition, attending tutoring classes is sometimes harmful especially when you spend too much time on it. It makes students dependent on the teacher, not voluntarily doing the exercises by themselves. They just expect their teacher to help them, and then all they have to do is to learn by heart. In the beginning that knowledge can't do in the mind but a certain time later all will definitely disappear and they won't also understand anything. Plus it prevents students from developing the ability to learn on their own but studying by themselves is important because it helps to develop a lot of relevant skills besides being good at some subject. Around me, there are plenty of students who attend extra classes so much that they don't have time to study by themselves. I notice that that the similarity of these people is that they can only do the exercises which are the same as those their teacher in the extra class taught them. They can't find any other ways for those exercises. It's a problem. In short, attending extra classes brings about lots of benefits but if you spend all your time just attending extra classes, you will get into many troubles in the future. Apart from attending tutoring classes, spend more time studying by yourself and you can make more progress than ever.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,696 4118  
Jan 17, 2022   #2
Although this is not for a TOEFL or IELTS test, the same essay writing rules apply to the formatting and discussion presentation. That means, the student must follow a 4 paragraph presentation format. The reason that the writer must get used to writing in paragraphs is because individual topic paragraph formatting helps the reader gain clarity of thought and insight with regards to the writer's opinion and explanation presentation. These specific topics, the advantage and disadvantage, must have individual paragraphs give the writer a chance to properly and completely deliver his thoughts. It will also provide a scannable essay, making it easier for the reader to find the topic that he wishes to read at any given time.

The student began the reasoning by using numerical ordinals, which is out of place in an A/D essay. The reader tends to look for the second numerical ordinal reason, which never came, thus further confusing the format of the discussion. It creates a confusing format for the presentation. It is best not to use numerical ordinals and instead, use topic sentences that clearly indicate an advantage or disadvantage topic. The correct keyword usage at the start of the separate paragraphs would help the student that type of clarity.

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