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If you could give money to only one type of charitable organization, which one would you choose?

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Nov 1, 2017   #1
Imagine that you plan to donate money to charity to help people in need. If you could give money to
only one type of charitable organization, which one of the following would you choose and why?
- An organization that provides food and housing to people in need
- An organization that gives people money to start their own small business
- An organization that provides medical care to people in need

donating to charities

Donating to a charity is a profound way to influence others life and enhance the lives of those who are in need. Numerous non-profit organization exists that people can financially support them through donating. In my view, one of the best examples of such organizations for support is an organization that helps those who need a place to settle and has a hard time buying food. This kind of organizations reduce nutritional deficiency in the society, help people improve their lifestyle and decrease social gaps among citizens.

Although food supply improved during last decades, yet there are individuals who suffer from not eating enough. Providing food to these people through this organization can help these people. For example, some people have a salary well below the standard norm in the society, so they do not have sufficient money to buy food. As a result, in the long-term, they experience nutrient deficiency which affects their health. By donating money to these organizations, we will enable them to supply these people enough food so that they stay healthy.

Providing housing services is another sector that can make a big difference in people's mental situations. Without a home, people tend to lose their mental security which eventually will prone them to other problems like insomnia, health problem and lack of confidence. Accommodating homeless people settling in a place improves their mental status. As a result, they will be more productive. Imagine a person who lost his or her home in an accident. If he or she could not find a place as soon as possible, his or her work performance would be lessened which might cause the employer dismiss them because of low performance. As you can see, not having a home or a place has a catastrophic domino effect on a person's life and helping this kind of organizations reduce the possibility of such difficulties.

The other reason I prefer helping a charity whose focus is on food and housing is that it can decrease social gap among citizens. For instance, I as a person who has a good job with adequate salary can empower those with a low salary. With this donation, I can help them to have a better life. Furthermore, it is quite human to help those who had not had the chance to find a profitable job. Take as an example, a person who owns a big company. Is it fair that he can have anything he wishes, while some of the people with a low-level job, experience financial problems? Therefore, donation of such people to organizations that provide food and housing can help those in need spent less on their housing and food. Consequently, their lives standard will improve and they can have a normal life like people who have an average income.

In conclusion, donating to charities is the most effective way to help those who are in need. However, as I explained in previous lines, I prefer to donate to an organization that provides food to people and helps them with housing because they have a more influential role on these people.

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Currently, I focused to deliver a relevant and complete response with a good sentence variety, rather than insisting on a time constraint. I appreciate anything cross your mind while you taking time to read my essay. Thank you for your feedbacks.

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Nov 1, 2017   #2
Hi Behzab,

Following is my critique of your essay:

Your essay is replete with subject-verb disagreement errors. Please use a grammatical software to make corrections. An example of this is following-

Numerous non-profit organizations exist that people can financially support them through donating-

... to settle and has-have a hard time

All the best!
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Nov 2, 2017   #3
Behzab, your discussion is faulty from the very beginning because you have chosen to represent several charities in your essay instead of only one as required by the prompt. The essay would have actually been better off in presentation if you had chosen one cause, like the need to support a soup kitchen due to people who lack access to food. The soup kitchen is where people can go to have a free meal once a day, which is sometimes the only food that these people get. Then you could have developed your discussion from there. So you could have said "If I were to support a charity in need it would the Salvation Army food kitchen. The Salvation Army food kitchen provides free food to 150 homeless people a day. They need more donations because...". Such a focused presentation, of the name of the charity, the function of the charity, and the reasons that they require the donation is what this essay discussion requires. One charity, several reasons why you want to support them. That is how you approach this type of direct question essay.

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