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Give reasons - The power of advertising influence the purchase decisions

Today the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold.

To what extent do you agree with these views?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

The method that manufactureries and companies using the advertisement to promote the sales of their products is not quite new. The goal is to grab attention of its audience and turn them into potential customers, maybe a real one. Research has shown that immense profit has been recorded by most companies who have invested hugely in advertising. However, those hold positive attitude towards the effectiveness of advertising believes that the high sales reflects a great demand in consumer goods of customer. From my point of view, it might not be ture as saying.

Firstly, advertising delivers the public about the information of product's function and features. For example, when you walking into a department store, there are all many kinds of item displayed on the shelf, unfortunately they look really a bit similar to each other if just disguish from the product brochure. Which one of them would be the right choice for you? In this way, we should thank to the advertising. Both the quality life and the potential need for us can be fully fulliled and even further to be provoked through this kind of access. The impact of advertisement on the consumer's decision is obvious.

Advertising is a powerful weapon but not as well-functional as above all the time. Some people buy products or goods are motivated or mislead by the fact of that they were lack of ability to dinguish from advertisement in term of "good quality" which is overstated as a matter of fact. Cosmetic product is happened to be the destined victim of this situation. We often experience the same scense on TV- an aged lady will soon become younger and more beautiful after using a skin lotion. What is the real seneario behind the screen could we never know it. The only truth can tell is numerous statistics shown that the gap between advertisement and genius product are far from our expection.

In conclusions, to a largely extent advertising account for a reasonable benefits bring to the consumers but government and authourities should put more efforts in the intervence of ill-intentioned advertisements.

Hard to deny, messy commercials on TV are becoming an integral part of our daily life. Due to it, the sales data registers a continued peak, which, to some extent, reflects the ever-changing requirements of customers. However, is it always true?

Advertisements, as one by-product of modernization and globalization, act as media exposing the encompassing markets catering for the customers' all-round needs. Advanced digital products such as cameras, computers, intelligent robots...the list is endless, are introduced extensively through this kind of access, thanks to which, our potential needs can find ways to be fulfilled and even to be further provoked. Additionally, the advanced scientific treat pills aiming at unique groups who are badly in need of help would find no more continent and efficient approach to step into the public other than by advertising.Both of these cases are but a few of many that exemplify the situation that advertisements serve as information intermedia.

But hardly can all the advertisements function under this situation. Promotion-oriented commercials, involving price reduction, gifts return policy; or even small scale gamble would illustrate another phenomenon that customers are purchasing on an impulse of curiosity or recreation. The categories of children and youngsters are inclined to be influenced most both physically and psychologically. That's why these advertisements are colored presented and elaborately refined, with common products in effect. Not only do these commercials torture customers' real needs, but also a staggering number of other counterparts exaggerate the needs by conducting misleading and fake information. Numerous statistics shown that the gap between advertisements and genuine products are far prom dim.

Finally, to a substantial level, the large profits brought by advertisements are the consequence of excellent interaction between enterprises and individuals; otherwise, there coexist imperative demands to handle ill-intentioned advertisements representing fake bandwagon.

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May 11, 2011   #2
Wow, great work here Hafsa, thanks! This must have taken at least 20 minutes!

Hard to deny, messy commercials on TV are becoming an integral part of our daily life.

Paul, try to keep singular and plural consistent in each sentence, like this:

It's hard to deny that messy commercials on television are becoming integral parts of our daily lives. (Also, I typed "television.")

otherwise, there coexist imperative demands to handle ill-intentioned advertisements representing fake bandwagon.----This last part is tood complicated. I think this sentence needs to be omitted and replaced by 2 or 3 sentences that carefully explain the idea you want to give in this last paragraph.

in addition to this the sentences must also be short...some time back i had the same problem....that confuses the sentence....i have corrected now...believe me it changes the colour of sentence...
May 13, 2011   #4
You're right, Hafsa. That's a bad thing Long sentences always do. But sometimes, short sentence seems it does not work out for academic purpose.
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May 14, 2011   #6
.believe me it changes the colour of sentence...

Yes, and it's nice. One reason people love Hemingway is that his sentences are simple and powerful. Simple is usually powerful.


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