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Global climate change: individuals and government role

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Aug 10, 2019   #1

who should take care of the environmental issue?

Some people think that there are things individuals can do to help prevent global climate change. Others believe that action by individuals is useless and irrelevant and it is only governments and large businesses which can make a difference. Discuss both views and give your opinion

One of the most urgent problems facing us these days is global climate change. Some people argue that individuals play a pivotal role in preserving the ecological system. Others claim that it is governments' responsibility not the people. Both viewpoints will be discussed and critically evaluated before a final conclusion is drawn.

On the one hand, there are plausible reasons why individuals' obligation is indispensable in preventing the global climate deterioration. Obviously, people are an integral part of the society so proactive actions taken by them can rectify moderately the situation. For this reason, if individuals do more environmentally friendly activities such as planting trees, using eco-friendly vehicles frequently... their concerted efforts will eventually contribute to a positive ultimate outcome. For instance, more and more people use biodegradable materials and buy products with less packaging can reduce markedly the amount of garbage which are heavily contaminated. What can be inferred from this is that if people hold their hands anc work together on the same common goal of environmental protection, natural catastrophe will no longer be in existence.

On the other hand, some people think that only the serious measures taken by authorities prove fruitful for the following reasons. To be more specific, governments influence people on a larger scale so they can adopt and enforce stricter laws and regulations against environmentally harmful activities. Moreover, because some solutions to conserve natural habitats are beyond individuals' ability, only policy makers can make the difference by making heavy investment in green technology or eco- friendly practices. Additionally, large organizations and businesses can develop ecological consciousness by educating people the global climate change which reshape people's thinking and mindset while individuals hardly do it.

Environmental issue poses threat to human life so in my opinion, everyone should be responsible for protecting the environment. Because small actions can lead to enormous results, people should not be indifferent the problem and take actions.

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Aug 10, 2019   #2
Hello. It's nice to see you again here! I'm here once more to provide you with writing feedback.

The first paragraph is quite well-done, I would say. You had a straightforward and yet put-together approach in writing, rendering the final work to be utterly nice and smooth to listen to.

I would only recommend adding more dyanism to your writing approach. Take a look at your second paragraph. While you had an excellent writing style, you had quite a hefty speech pattern. These lengthy chunks of text can be offputting for readers due to how heavy they are on the eyes. I suggest playing around with lengths and depths of composition rather than putting all of the complexity in one area.

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