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Ielts writing: Why is global warming a problem? How can reduce the dangers of global warming?

Meilsn8804 1 / -  
Dec 1, 2021   #1

the climate change - global warming

With the development of society, it has a number of environmental issues that we have to consider in an earnest attitude. Global warming also participates in these group of problems, which causes a variety of natural disasters and put the human in the dangerous situation. Governments or individuals have to have some measures to solve the increase of planet temperature, I will show it in this essay.

Some people only know global warming is an issue that people are facing but they do not know the dangerous perspective of its cause. For instance, increasing global temperature leads to melting of the polar ice caps, which creates the rise of sea levels. Therefore, the living are of people will be covered by water. In addition, the high of earth's average temperatures also get harmful for the wildlife habitats. For example, the melting of polar ice caps in North Pole and South Pole relate to the unavailable standard temperature of penguin or polar bear for living. Climate change produce extreme weather conditions. According to the recent analyses, there are thousands of forest fire every year all over the world. Some experts assess that global warming posed a serious threat. Not only does it make harm for asset but it also threatens to human's life.

There are some measures to solve this problem. The government have to introduce laws to citizens in making the fossil fuels. In Vietnam, the government imposed more stringent regulations on people, who burn the waste in an unsuitable place, they can be fined one million Vietnam dong if they do. In addition, some organizations also can propaganda and promote public awareness in people. For example, the environmental organization in Singapore have created a tree planting day for people in order to cover the green on barren area and reduce the carbon emissions. Furthermore, the individual also have to have their own consciousness to protect the environment.

In conclusion, the human have to act right now to call for urgent action on climate change and keep of the dangers of natural disasters. It is not only for human, animals are living but also for the health of our planet.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,669 4754  
Dec 2, 2021   #2
You understood the question, but cast too wide a net in terms of discussion topics. In fact, the discussion is so far generalized that the reason for the problem and the possible solutions are disconnected. How does the melting ice caps connect to the problem of burning fossil fuel? Fossil fuel burning is different from ordinary home burning of say fallen leaves. Your discussion is not properly focused becaused you did not properly outline your discussion points prior to writing. There is no cohesive representation of the topics you were to discuss. The presentation is confusing because the topics presented do not follow a logical discussion. Although the ideas are there, these are not properly developed so the essay feels improperly discussed or, under developed in presentation.

Home / Writing Feedback / Ielts writing: Why is global warming a problem? How can reduce the dangers of global warming?
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