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Essay about The graph below compares the number of visits to two new music sites

halanvuong 1 / -  
Mar 7, 2024   #1
The line chart illustrates several online audiences for two trendy music websites on the internet.
Overall, the website of Music Choice slightly fluctuated from the first day to the 11th day and peaked 3 days later, while the amount of Pop Parade changed dramatically throughout the 15 days.

Instead of the blue line, the lowest amount stayed unchanged at 20 from day 1 to day 11, slightly oscillating to 60 on the 3rd day of the concert, but on the day after the 11th day, the amount leapt to around 120, then ended at nearly 80.

About the online show Pop Parade, standing at 120 on the beginning day, then going down to under 40 on the 7th day of the show. Nevertheless, from the 10th day to the last day of the music show, the amount of audience movement fluctuated, increasing to nearly 120 on the 10th day and then plummeting to 80 on the next 3 days, moreover, ending at the highest amount of visits at almost 180.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,788 4778  
Mar 10, 2024   #2
I will admit that you have met the word count requirement of this essay task. However, having met the word count and actually having an essay that follows the best scoring format are 2 different things. While your word count will prevent deductions based on having less than the minimum number of words written, the fact that you are not writing in proper paragraphs will result in deductions for the C+C and GRA scores.

A task 1 essay requires a minimum of 3 sentences per paragraph in order to be accepted as a completely developed discussion. You are writing in run-on sentence forms here. These long sentences are often unclear and do not follow the conventional sentence structures. These sentences will receive deductions and the incorrect paragraph formatting will receive even more deductions in terms of TA considerations. This is a failing score essay.

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