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W task 1: The graph below shows average yearly rainfall in Moscow and San Francisco

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Aug 7, 2021   #1


The bar chart below demonstrates the average amount of rainfall over the year in two different cities, Moscow and San Francisco.
Look at the graph, it is obviously seen that the rain season in Moscow occurs in the summer, while in San Francisco, it happens in the winter.

According to the figures, rainfall happens all year round in Moscow. At first, the rainfall amount witnesses a downward trend between January and April, from 58 millimeters to 48 millimeters, but then it increases significantly and reaches the peak at 90 millimeters in June notwithstanding. Afterward, the amount of rain sees a slow decline from 82 millimeters in July to 49 millimeters in December. Whereas there is a tiny increase exist in August and October.

On the contrary, San Francisco does not rain all year round. Moreover, the rainfall amount distributes unevenly, allocates particularly in December, January, and February at approximately 115 millimeters. In addition, there is no rainfall in either July or August.

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Aug 10, 2021   #2
The writer has done a good job of comparing rainfall data and comparing the figures. The information is concise and well presented within a reasonable number of words. It can easily be written , reviewed, and revised within 20 minutes. The problem of the essay is in the review and revise part. He forgot to do that part before submitting the essay. The grammar could have been cleaned up in terms of word usage. Perhaps, the writer is not proficient in that aspect yet. So vocabulary growth and presentation improvement should be the writers next focus for his English studies. Without these considerations, the writer still wrote a clearly understandable essay. It is sad that technicalities will force it to get a lower score credit.

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