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Is growth necessary for a happy life?

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Aug 2, 2011   #1
SAT essay 1

"Golden Rules" that had its root in the primitive time enhance the disciplines of sharing and distributing equally. Consequently, the concept of growth was blurred by the survival of these rules - main factor setting the whole community out of the circle of life. And events went on its track until the distinguishing between wealth and poverty came into being, which formed the society.

Since the urge to search for resources became mandatory, human has been familiar to move and motivate. When we found woods for heating, new idea crossed our mind to hunt games for meat. When we had enough to use, we suggested to store food. And the process step by step moved forwards and thus, it means growth. Now take a step to our modern society, growth does not only confine to eating and surviving, but, to some extent, keep pace with the race of the globe to persue happiness. Why can it be? Cacmac told his daughter: " Happiness is a race". And the reason for racing is to maintain a happy and productive dwelling. We have to run on the road full of dust and obstacles, to motivate. An stationary particle can not control its own direction or choose its own destiny. As a result, provided that we choose to stand still, that means we choose to stay behind growth.

We do not constrain to any rules to render us develop in a fixed way. As a rule, people often refer it to the self-motivation. A CEO's role is to enhance to relationship and to force the income of his or her company, not others. However, it is sometimes self-fish and mean as the development of the whole has been put aside, even forgotten. The concept of growth should be further than its merely meaning. To live also means to togerther share and develop. President Ho Chi Minh said: " Development is at its greatest strength when we know how to step together". Put these factors into a unity and we will understand the true gift of growth.

Eventually, everything will have its end. An old bird will be exhausted and weakened until death and so will be human. But, will we accept inertness, accept a life like a stone lying in a harsh flowing of stream? We have to look at the bright sides to foster the aims, to set goal to meet up with and together, we are growing.

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Mar 23, 2013   #2
my idea of a happy life lies in the acquisition of self satisfaction & internal peace

To me the idea of a happy life lies in the acquisition of self satisfaction and internal peace.
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Mar 23, 2013   #3
hi naila, its not necessary to show how devoted you are to fsc essays... :) well.. english is a means of communication and you need to be in limits. menu palle nai para... to be concise =D
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Mar 23, 2013   #4
To me the idea of a happy life lies in the acquisition of self satisfaction and internal peace.

Hey... what's the purpose of this writing?

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