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..it's hard to live without it.. The advantages and disadvantages of the invented computer;

samson 3 / 2  
Oct 19, 2016   #1
Nowadays, people go along with the efficient of human have significantly increased from the past as a result of the computer was invented. With the development of computer technology, there are a variety of new technologies were invented. However, besides various benefits, there are some disadvantages as well.

First of all, it is impossible to memorize all of the human's without untold current knowledge even it is still significantly growing, but the invented computer has effectively solved this problem for us. Moreover, thanks to the excellent data and algorithms solving, it is able to help people finish a huge number of works within just a few seconds. Also, the sensitive control of computer technology make our life be easier and easier. For example, it created lots of improving in hospital industry helping people again from recently diseases with no cure. And there are many robots helping people so much were discovered by computer technology.

However, that also exists a few disadvantages. In my view, the biggest problem is developing computer will delete a lot of jobs operated by human. A various of technologies were invented to replace human to get a higher effective and smaller labor costs. It make the unemployment is more and more popular particularly developing and undeveloped countries because at that time if you want to get a job, you will be required to get very high qualifications. However, there are a few works that computer cannot do, it is make a piece of artwork because only the special meticulous man can create unique products.

To sum up, computer bring us many advantages and in contemporary society, it is hard to live without it. In the other way, it also have bad effects with many countries and many people.
BeaTrix 1 / 3  
Oct 19, 2016   #2
... hospital industry helping people againagainst from recently diseases with no cure.
DoctorWho - / 46 29  
Oct 19, 2016   #3
Hello Samson!!

Making a few changes. Hope it helps!!
I would suggest Starting off the esay with the merits together and then later showing that despite these benefits, there are certain problems as well.

INTRO: Since the advent of the computer age, there has been a steady development in the standards of living. This has been attributed to an increased efficiency in work using computer technology.

Firstly, computers have an immense capacity to store data regarding various fields, acting as the ultimate database for knowledge. Further due to algorithm solving, heavy workloads are completed in a short span of time. Also, the user friendly nature of this technology has made life much easier. One of the few examples of this would be artificial Intelligence developed using computers, which are the basis for present day robots helping in a variety of industries

Now we talk about the demerits.

Yet, even with these immense benefits, certain demerits go hand in hand.
One of the biggest issues today with the development of computers and machines is that it leads to the elimination of a lot of jobs. Industrial equipments are slowly replacing the human workforce, simply because of increased efficiency, reduced time, and lower costs. This could lead to unemployment of many members of the middle and lower classes of the society.

To summarize, computers are an astonishing creation which has made life easier for the entire community, but vigilance is required with it's operation.

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