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High income is far more significant than job satisfaction. Do you agree or disagree?

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Jul 1, 2021   #1

Big salary or job satisfaction and why

Career, which plays a vital role in living condition, is generally a common concern of most individuals. There is a hold perception that compared to finding a pleasure in the job, high income is far more significant. Personally, I totally disagree with this point of view.

In my opinion, essential though well-paid jobs can be, getting a sense of dissatisfaction in working possibly make people stressed and feel challenging to keep performing routine duties without interest. This can leave the low performance in workplaces. Making no contribution to company, and this will spoil the chance of getting ahead in career and increasing a source of income.

By contrast, a feeling of contentment in career possibly offer overwhelming advantages to people. First and foremost, when feeling eager for their job, people will have a strong motivation for managing the heavy workload during limited time. They can be successful problem-solvers who can be adaptable to enormous pressure and overcome the difficulties. Additionally, individuals are satisfied with their work and willing to work with greater productivity, giving rise to performance of the company. By this way, they appear to win promotion opportunities and have stable income. Apart from working advantages, people's emotion can be much more optimistic and positive rather than feeling depressed or competitive as they can assume their daily duty as their satisfaction.

To sum up, I firmly convince that this viewpoint is completely wrong. Having satisfaction in career is far more necessary than gaining high source of income.
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Jul 2, 2021   #2
There will be minimal percentage points deductions for the missing 2 words that would have completed the 250 miniman word count. The writer must always be concious of the word count as it relates to pre-sectional scoring considerations. Avoid starting with deductions because these will definitely pull down your TA score. Even the slightest deduction will have an effect on your final sore.

There should not be a contrasting discussion here as there was no comparison discussion indicator in the prompt. The focus of both paragraphs must be only on enhancing your opinion. The contrasting discussion will lower the TA and C + C scores because of the , alteration that led to non-cohesive discussion paragraphs. The writers opinion also became incoherent to a certain degree because of it. The second paragraph is what supports the writers thesis statement. That will recieve a score. The first opposing paragraph will not. I cannot be sure that this essay may receive even the lowest possible passing score at this point because of the improperly developed explanation paragraphs and word count deduction.

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