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Is Hong Kong a great place?

Fiorella Li 2 / 2  
May 11, 2013   #1

Information Essay - Is Hong Kong a great place?

A long time ago, there is a small fishing village on China's south coast, after the baptism of wars and colonial, the small fishing village has already became a super modern city , the city is called Hong Kong, a great city with complex history, polybasic city culture and advanced economy. I have been Hong Kong 1 years ago, it's the greatest city I 've ever seen.

Hong Kong is a city which was incorporated into China for the first time in dynasty Qin by the First Emperor of Qin. During long times, "Following the triumph of the 1st Opium War, Hong Kong became a colony of the British Empire with the primary objective of maximizing interests of British merchants"(Zhou), until 1997, Chinese government exercises sovereignty over Hong Kong, and establish Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Although Hong Kong belong to China now, it's still maintain its capitalist system and enjoy high degree of autonomy including all matters except defense and foreign.

Due to Hong Kong have a beautiful city cityscape, convenient public traffic, polybasic culture and advanced economy; It's not only a great place to work in but also a good place to have fun.

The first reason why I think Hong Kong is a great place is that its geographic location. Hong Kong is Located on China's south coast, enclosed by the Pearl River Delta, due to the specific position, Hong Kong became an important harbor of Asia, the major harbor of Hong Kong called victoria harbor, has already became an important harbor of the world, making Hong Kong amongst the world's busiest, and an average of 220,000 ships visit the harbor each year, including both ocean going vessels and river vessels, for both goods and passengers(Wikipedia ). It makes Hong Kong become a worlds' trade center, lots of product was imported or exported from here, consequently stimulate Hong Kong's economic development. Thanks to the perfect geographic location, Hong Kong became a developed modern city, and also attracts lots of investor all over the world.

The most surprised thing of Hong Kong is it's temperature was not so hot as I 've imaged, although it's located in south coast of China, if let me describe Hong Kong's temperature by one word, I would use "warm" of "comfortable", but certainly not "hot". This is the other reason why I like Hong Kong. When I got off from the airplane which landing in Hong Kong, I felt so comfortable: the air is neither so wet nor so dry, the temperature was neither so hot nor so cold, it's just a hospitable climate for human beings. Although Hong Kong is located near southeast of China, it's not hot as other south-city, the climate is so suitable for human beings, so I believe you would easy to fall in love with Hong Kong when you get off from airplane.

If you are looking for an fascinating place to have fun, I would strongly recommend Hong Kong , because there are lots of attractions, super shopping mall, parks and play field in here. For example, Victoria harbor, is not only a harbor, but also the most significant attraction of Hong Kong, "it's also one of Hong Kong's greatest assets, people come from all over the world to view and admire it. The best places to view the Harbor is at the Peak Tower on the Victoria Peak, or from the piazza at the Culture Centre or the promenade of Tsim Sha Tsui which on the Kowloon side"(Wikipedia). Rides on the Star Ferry to view the harbor are also popular. Victoria harbor has also played host to many major public shows, including the annual fireworks displays on the Lunar New Year. There also have other places to have fun, such as Repulse Bay, Disney land (the smallest Disney land around the world), Hong Kong Park, Jumbo Kingdom, Hollywood Road, Cat Street, and Madame Tussauds. In addition, there are lots of ancient temples throughout the territory, such as Man Mo Temple, and Wenwu Temple (one of the most ancient Chinese temple), these temples could give you a journey of history and culture. So, Hong Kong is really a perfect place to have fun.

It's a pretty good place to study, because Hong Kong's culture was a hybrid culture of east and west. For example, Both English and Chinese are all its official languages, both Cantonese and English are Its spoken languages; there's lot of traditional Chinese festival here, like Dragon Boat Festival, Tsing Ming festivals, and Spring Festival is the most important celebration in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's culture can be described as a foundation that began with Mainland China, then it became much influenced by British colonialism. Hong Kong is like a melting pot of culture, which combine with Western and Original Chinese cultures perfectly, and developed its unique polybasic city culture. You can enjoy different kind of culture here,

The most fascinating part of Hong Kong is it's economy.

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weakness aspect
1. The thesis of each paragraph can be longer, and be more clear.
2. Is this research paper more likely a introduction? Maybe I need to do more research about it
3. There are some grammar mistakes.
4. Is The topic a little broad? If I just focusing on one aspect of Hong Kong, might it works better?

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