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what is your horoscope predictions and do you believe in it??... i want to improve it

hasgc 3 / 3  
Jan 2, 2011   #1
Although I do not believe in horoscope predictions. But, according to horoscope predictions, it seems that I would experience a year full of prosperity, traveling and health, and indigence in love and relationships with family and friends. It seems that I would have no problems in money which I doubt about. I would travel to many countries around the world this year. I would be in optimal health, all what I have to do are eating right, exercising and getting the rest that I need. I would suffer in dealing with the person who I love. My relationships with my friends and parents seem are going to encounter some problems.

I do not believe in horoscope forecasting and what it says about my character because, all what it has said were completely wrong. For example, I am the kind of people who changes his mind every second while, the horoscope tells me that I don't change my mind even if I know that it is wrong. But what I noticed that horoscope tells ,almost, the same thing to all people but in a different way. For example, it says that luck in most of the time is on the Leo side while, it tells another person that you are not lucky but, because of your intelligent plans luck would come on your side. See, it told both of them the same thing but in a different way. It's like paraphrasing. However, many people believe in what their horoscopes tell them and they plan for their life on horoscope says. I believe that a wise man should not rely very much on what a commercial newspaper tells him. What if it told you that you are going to die today, would you buy your gravestone?

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