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Hosting an international sports - Disscuss both views about it.

thuthanh1908 2 / 2  
Mar 19, 2022   #1

Hosting an international sports event

Some people think that hosting an international sports event is good for the country, while some people think it is bad. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

It is true that staging a worldwide sport event is a controversial subject in every country. While there might be some reasons to oppose it, I believe that such an event would benefit the host country greatly in terms of reputation and tourism.

On the one hand, the idea of holding a global sport event is disadvantageous to some extent. Firstly, many people suppose it is just a waste of money because the host country would have to spend a significant portion of its budget on hosting this massive event rather than improving the lives of its citizen. Secondly, constructing an enormous stadium may require surrounding residents to leave their homes, affecting the geological structure of that area.

On the other hand, there are a variety of reasons why I believe the host country could gain certain advantages from organizing an international sport event. The main one is that the host nation can use this event to promote the country's image to friend all over the world. As a result, the host's reputation as a hospitable country is improving. Furthermore, tourism also has a good opportunity to flourish when numerous foreigners visit the country for the event. It is considered a good occasion to promote culture, clothing, heritage and other attractive destinations for tourists.

To summarize, although hosting a global sport event presents certain drawbacks, I contend that it should be encouraged in order to improve the host country's prestige and tourism's development. It is advisable that governments take different initiatives to reduce the negative effects
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,974 4811  
Mar 19, 2022   #2
The writer has not provided an accurate prompt restatement + personal opinion paragraph. He has presented and began his personal opinion discussion in the first paragraph rather than doing a simple restatement of the 2 public opinions along with his personal thoughts + reasons. The 3 sentence paragraph does not meet the restatement requirements because the writer did not accurately restate the public points of view prior to stating his personal thoughts. The paragraph will not receive full scoring considerations due to these errors in presentation.

The writer did his best to discuss the public opinions in each paragraph, even going to the extent of delivering a non-developed second public reason in some instances. However, he did not represent his personal opinion of the public point of view based on an effective discussion format. The format for the discussion should follow the format:

Public Opinion + Reason + Personal Opinion + Reason = Properly developed discussion paragraph

There is a missing element of the public opinion discussion. Based on the format he has chosent o use, there needs to be another paragraph that totally discusses the second opinion of the public in the essay before the personal opinion paragraph. The personal opinion cannot be continued as a discussion point in the summary conclusion either as this will create an open ended discussion presentation. A proper reverse conclusion should be provided in that section for proper scoring application.

The writer will do good to note that he has also provided solutions to the given situation even though it was not required by the prompt provided. This conclusion deviation has resulted in additional information that will not receive a score and also, cause a failure of the essay due to a prompt deviant presentation paragraph.

As of now, the writer has not written an essay that gives me the confidence that he will receive a passing score in an actual test.
thuvuvu 2 / 3  
Mar 20, 2022   #3
You met some serious mistakes in the introduction which you gave your personal view before restating of the 2 public opinions. Model of introduction for essay "Discuss both views and state your opinion" should be: Restating of 2 public opinions+Your personal opinion+ Reasons.

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