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"Human needs..": Disagree or agree.

Floria_ran 2 / 3  
Oct 29, 2009   #1
Prompt:Do you agree or disagree with teh following statement?

Human needs for farmland, housing and industry are more important than saving land for endangered animals.

I need your advices so that I can gain a high score in my TOEFT IBT examination.I will appreciate with you so much!

The habitat for some endangered animals, for some people, are attempted to be replaced with some new factories, cultivations and buildings. However, they fail to realize that these constructions will not only destroyed the harmony between our human beings and the environment, but also cause pollution and make noise, which had a bad effect on our healthy. Therefore, I can not stand with this point. Perhaps due to the serious situation of these species, the colorful and significant life they will give us and the ecological balance, hardly can I give the support to human needs for farmland, housing and industry are more important than saving land for endangered animals.

The primary factor is the serious situation they faced with. Nowadays, accumulating number of animals which are severely ill have disappeared in this world. We can not see them anymore. Recently, a statistics demonstrates that approximately 85.67% extinction is caused by human being, such as building houses and factories, and extending farmlands. Assuming that we still not realized our fault, what an unvivid world will we live in the future? Definitely, to solve this problem, we should stop our behavior to destroy their homeland after a full calculation. Hardly can I describe our living environment with the world like cold, grey and inanimate and so on. Consequently, the serious situation, the pronounced reason lead us have the choice to protect their habitat, rather than destroy it.

This reason along, however, can not explain why I hold my opinion. Another contributing factor is these animals can bring us a colorful and significant life. By saving land for these endangered animals, we can have a strong self-fulfillment and take pride in ourselves. My brother, an active young man, used to go to the zoo with his parents when he was an unsophisticated child. He can conversant the panda's routine habit and play with the white dolphin. The lovely animals resist him a colorful and unforgettable childhood in his mind. Now, he is a doctrine of environmental protection. The strong responsibility, high consciousness and appealing personality are contributed to the faith to protect the endanger animals. He makes his campus life more magnificent and significant than those who play computer games day and night. If we just think about the profits and ignore to pursue a meaningful life, we will feel regret and empty and lost a lot in the future. Therefore, enabling people to have a colorful life, saving land for endangered animals give us a chance to bring our self-value into effect.

Although the two reasons I mentioned above is the important reasons, the ecological balance is also relevant to this question. Saving land for endangered animals is helpful to establish good relations between the human beings and the environment. My friend Floria, is a good example which can support this idea. She and her husband lives in a small village near a beautiful lake. When spring is coming, two swans will perch on the lake. The villagers like them so much. They feed them and these lovely birds are friendly to people in return. In order to give them a good habitat, people in this place refused a recommend to build a factory last year. As the result, they lost the opportunity to develop economic in this small rust. Were I am one of them, I would have the same selection. Accordingly, the harmony between our human beings and the environment is extremely important than to develop the economic with blindly eyes.

Admittedly, we can not deny that building houses and factories, and extending farmlands also has its advantages, such as provide more work positions and improve the economic condition. However, it doesn't mean that people needs for farmland, housing and industry are more important than saving land for endangered animals.For one thing, people can also gain jobs at other factories and the most important aspect for them is to cultivate their personal quality and improve their own ability. For another, there are still many alternative ways to impulse our economic such as promote the efficiency, which is more useful than to build a new one. Moreover, the problem caused by the factory can not be neglected.

In conclusion, during to the serious situation, the colorful and significant life and the ecological balance. It's unwise for people to demolish the endangered animals` habitat for more housing, factories and farmlands.

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Nov 1, 2009   #2
Wow, nice job. You will do very well, for sure.

If you want to make this even better, you can read this earthwatch.org/aboutus/research/voices_of_science/future_lif e_interview_e_wilson/ and maybe include a section on eco-tourism.

Recently, a statistics demonstrates that...after this sentence, cite your source by putting the author's name in parentheses. Then, at the end of the essay, write "Works Cited" and put the information about the article in MLA citation style (google that if necessary.) You can do that same to cite the article I linked you to above. That will go a LONG way to impress the reader.

My friend Floria is a good example to which can support this idea.

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