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IELTS Writing Task 2 : Important skills for parents to teach youngsters at their early stage

neurolion 1 / 1  
Jun 24, 2021   #1

what children should be taught?

Adults are highly critical of young people these days, thinking they are not "grown up" or prepared to deal with the realities of life. Many believe that these young people lack basic life skills and that parents have a duty to teach them skills at a young age.Which of the following do you think is/are the most important skills for parents to teach their young kids?Why?How to cook/How to manage money/How to do laundry/How to stand up for themselves

Many adults have criticized that children nowadays are excessively spoiled by their parents, causing young people not to be mature enough to survive in this competitive society. Some say that these teenagers should be taught essential life skills in order to make them strong enough to live on their own. In my opinion, some skills should be trained at an early stage of growth, whereas some can be learned by themselves without too much intervention by parents.

A proper manner of managing their own wealth should be instructed since childhood. As young people might encounter a variety of attractions such as up-to-date clothing, electronic devices and other luxury products, they could not resist the temptations and spend money beyond their affordability. Even worse, they might borrow money from different financial corporations, which leads them to bankruptcy. Teenagers thus should learn how to manage their money wisely, like keeping some of their money for savings, so that they can have better preparation for themselves on important events, such as purchasing properties and medical care, in the future.

Besides, teenagers should be taught to stay strong in whatever happens in later life. As youngsters might face various difficulties, such as physical illnesses, academic and career hindrance, which are unexpected and somehow cannot be controlled by one's ability, they should always stay resilient towards any adversary. Only if one keeps themselves in a positive manner, can the person not give up and overcome the crisis eventually.

Although some might argue that children should learn to cook and do laundry, it is believed that the experience could be accumulated easily without devastating consequences. Children could reach the skills through different channels like television programs and contents shared in online platforms. Even if they could not expertise the skills in short term, they could still buy the services with a reasonable price.

To conclude, children should be taught to build up proper concepts on spending money as well as maintain positive psychological status so that they could be beneficial with such early practice without getting irreversible damage to their future.

I am looking forward to your comment. Thank you very much!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,263 3976  
Jun 25, 2021   #2
The writer was given 3 topic choices to write about in this essay. This did not mean that the writing needed to represent all 3 discussion points. Rather, the writer needed to select only 2 topics to write about in this presentation. The choices of money management and self responsibility were excellent and relevant topic choices. The writer successfully explained the relevance of each topic in a manner that corelated one topic to the next. There was a cohesive and coherent presentation for both topics.The laundry topic stick out like a sore thumb and did not connect in a manner that proved relevant to the first two points. That is what weakened the ppresentation. The over-discussion created a spin-off topic that, although partof the options, did not help boost the strength of the discussion. These are the reasons why 2 connected discussions would have been better than 3 topic presentations,
HelenN 5 / 10 3  
Jun 25, 2021   #3
I think you have great lexical resources as you use some words like "accumulate" or "expertise the skills". However, you might want to keep your essay 5 paragraphs long since we only have 40 minutes to write for task 2.
OP neurolion 1 / 1  
Jun 26, 2021   #4
Thanks for the review and advice ! @Holt and @Helen ^^

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