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Improving public transportation could reduce air pollution in a city

soshianet 16 / 47  
Aug 7, 2011   #1
Some people believe that governments should spend more money on developing public transportation, such as buses, trains, and subways. In this regard, I think that governments should pay attention to public transportation because increasing convenience of the people, decreasing traffic and air pollution on streets.

Mainly, improving public transportation could bring the convenience for the people of a city. One kind of the convenience refers to cheapness of public transportation due to the fact that they feel tranquility and calmness. Also, during the route they can feel relaxed without any stress of driving by a personal vehicle, and even they can sleep in this time. In addition, when they drive a personal vehicle, occur an accident is possible, so this important for governments to develop public transportation.

Moreover, developing public transportation is, cause of decreasing traffic in a city. Enhancing of buses, trains, and subways could cause of decreasing the attendance of personal vehicles on the streets. For example, Enhancing buses in main roads cause that fewer cars attend on the streets because the people have to pay money for gasoline or other expenses. In addition, public transportation's vehicles are able to move faster in special roads that cause of decreasing traffic on the streets. Also, the noise from traffic would reduce through expanding buses system, trains system, and subways system.

Last but not least, improving public transportation could reduce air pollution in a city. In this regard, the fewer cars attend on the streets, the less smoke and fume would inhale on the streets. So, trees and plants would stand for more times, and the people in the margin of streets, especially old people and children feel healthy. Therefore, governments should give attention to public transportation as a way of reducing pollution in cities.

I don't write Conclusion because I don't learn it in the class ... Thanks for your surveys

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