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The increase in the amount of waste production. Why is this happening?

Xuan An 1 / 2 1  
Dec 11, 2019   #1

Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish.

The enviroment today is threatened by many factors like air, water pollution. Howercer, among the most concerning is the increase in the amount of waste production. Scientists argue why this problem appears in human life. At that time, the role of goverments in tackling this issue should be more.

To begin with, one of the main reason for increasing rubbish is oerly purchase habit of people. Nowadays, they often tend to be addicted in going shopping which means that they buy more than what they really need. Advertisers encourage us to buy the newest fashion or if something breaks, we throw it away and buy the new one. It is noticed that someone prefer to use plastic bags or plastic bottles that need around 100 years to be decomposed. What's more, the rapid growth of garbage is directly linked to the growth of world population in the past few years. As the number of people grows the number of products they comsume also rises. It is undeniable that waste production will automatically increase.

To counter this, governments can play a major role in this problem. They should make a clear regulation about limiting the usage of plastic bags, bottles combine with encouraging people replace them with recyclable paper. Futhermore, governments can also run advertisements in ways that household can reduce the trash in a good way. Growing more trees should be encouraged because it is the best way to make use of these large garbages to become fertilizer for them which also protects the air asmosphere if we have a lot of trees.

In conclusion, it is true that people today are producing more garbage than ever before. So now, both governments and people are responsible for the amount of rubbish being rised. Also, all human being should learn how to be friendly with our environment.
eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Dec 11, 2019   #2
Helllooo there...,

Could you please submit the question?

The introduction you write is good, but it needs a slight improvement on your thesis statement. I found a generic phrase that is commonly used in students' esaays bringing a little value: the role of goverments in tackling. I suggest omitting it.

When it comes to body paragraphs, I found that some sentences are a lack of overall progressions. This is because you fail to link the sentence to another sentence. As it can be seen in the 2nd paragraph you discuss the rise in rubbish, then suddenly jump to shopping addiction and finally without any detailed development from the two previous sentences, you come up with "How advertisement encourages people to buy more". These three sentences are failed to deliver the message.

I did not see any example in body paragraphs to support your claim. An example is needed to break down your idea into small chuck so readers are easy to follow your thought.

It is always good to check spelling through the online dictionary before submitting your essay.

Hope this helps.

Eddy Suaib, an IELTS trainer, Kampung Inggris Pare
OP Xuan An 1 / 2 1  
Dec 12, 2019   #3
Thanks a lot for your helps

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