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Nowadays, an individual can access information easy, because there is the Internet.

andika08 81 / 80 16  
Sep 20, 2016   #1
The internet is probably the most significant invention of the last 30 years. Without it, our lives would be completely different.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In modern era, technology is computer network which connected to all of the world. Internet is role for the communicate media. It can apply to each person for the daily activites. For example, they use the internet for collect information.

In the past, people get information from the specific area like library. Then, there were books available. Thus, person can increase their konwledge. However, it is spent more time to go there. For example, people must find the books that related to their job. Therefore, it make them read more until the end of the books and remember about the subject also make a summary. On other hand, the books can find hardly cause they must to bought or borrow. Then, there are a few people who sold the books.

Nowadays, individual can access information with easily, because there are an internet. The easiest way for people to finished their daily routines. For example, employment who need the information about their job also college student which do their task. They do not have to find book, because people just use internet and get that they need. People can collect many information. It useful for them to find work. In contrast, it changed people lives that they prefer to stayed at home because they can browse latest news for every days.

Overall, I think there is an internet make different existence for people. When people get many information easily it will be make their life. Finally,this is significant to be better life.
rizaldohabibie 19 / 35  
Sep 20, 2016   #2
good effort of yours..
I've got some advice..

> idea:
you have not clearly given your statement about the question whether you agree or disagree but you told about the history of the internet use instead. It looks incoherence with your head statement.

> some grammatical errors:
technology is [a] computer network which [is] connected to [the] all [regions / parts] of the world. Internet is [the] role [of what? incomplete, looks hanging, you should continue the words] for the communicate[communication] media.

It can [be]apply[applied] to each person for the daily activites[activity] . For example, they [it is better if you change the pronoun into the precise subject, such as people, society, or citizen] use the internet for[to] collect information.

I hope it helps.
keep your writing spirit.

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