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Whether each individual or government should be responsible for the healthy diet?

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Aug 1, 2014   #1
Please give me a look and your comments on this essay! Thanks all! :-*
IELTS TASK 2: Some people think that the government have the duty to ensure its citizen have a healthy diet, while others argue its the responsiblity of each individuals. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A debated topic is that whether the government should be responsible for the healthy diets for its people. Although there are good reasons to support this, I believe each person have responsibility in the safety for their meals.

In this modern age, people's food demand is developing. It results in a countless number of products for people choices. In this situation, the government plays an important role to guarantee food safety for its consumers. Under governmental control, harmful foods will be reduced and people can freely choose the nourishing ones without worrying much about their origin or quality. In addition, with stricter food laws, the government can put a curb on illegal food import as well as hold a check on consumed products in markets or restaurants. Also, some governments insist on raising awareness of people to safeguard them from unhealthy diet.

Despite the importance of government in controlling food safety, each person should bear responsibility to build their suitable and healthy diets. With a large food market as present, individuals can easily decide what ingredients in their meals will be and how nourishing they are. In fact, foods are not unhealthy if people are aware of consuming them rightly. Moreover, many people are allergic with some typical foods even though they are healthy for others. It is unjustified for governments to restrict consumption of tuna because some people have allergy with it.

From this point, I extremely agree that each individual have a duty to build a nourishing diet for themselves despite the undeniable advantages from government in protecting us from unhealthy food.

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