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TOEFL-- The inernet is dangerous and unreliable

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Aug 14, 2013   #1
Thanks for correcting my essay. lol!!
With the rapid advancing internet technology, human become more and more rely on the search engines. Generally speaking, the Internet offers convenience of searching an answer to the question. However, it lets us be easily in search of valuable information whereas it can bring about many problems as well. Hence, as far as I am concerned, there are three reasons why the Internet causes crisis.

First of all, such valuable information as ones' personal information or bank account could possibly be used without permissions. Take my tragic experience as an example, last summer, I bought a handbag on the internet shopping center. Few weeks after I finished paying the bills and received the product, I got a call that was telling me that I should do something with my bank account. Not until the police informed of me did I realize that all my personal information and order information was sold to other company.

In addition, the essays or compositions on the net are probably stolen as others' property, especially photos or books. People nowadays publish their master's pieces on the net, once they do it, these creations are likely to be used as other purposes. Gradually, people become lazy to produce their own works because cloning is much easier than creating. By the time you find something with which is familiar, it may be too late to issue copyright infringement.

Finally, the information might be miscopied intentionally. We all surf on the net, but do you know whether what you found on the internet is wrong or not. For instance, I once attempt to search for some materials for my final presentation. Unfortunately, my professor returned my paper and told me the information I referred was wrong and outdated. Eventually, I got a bad grade on that presentation. Thus, because everyone can access the internet, the information you retrieved may be revised for many times.

By ways of conclusion, based on the assumption mentioned above, I think the Internet is pretty dangerous and unreliable. To solve this problem, we can just take these data as a reference only. Try to do the research on your own and do not trust anything you see on the internet, otherwise, you are in big troubles.
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Aug 15, 2013   #2
Ok....you are a newbie :) So I have a few requests for you. First, open your TOEFL threads in the Writing Feedback forum. Second, have a more meaningful topic. I attended to both your forum and the topic.

With the rapid advancing internet technology, human become more and more rely on the search engines

With the rapid advancement of the Inernet technology, people became more reliant on search engines.
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Aug 17, 2013   #3
it lets us be...
it lets us to be...

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