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The Influence of Homework on Students' Learning

deetoon 1 / -  
May 15, 2012   #1
My lecture asked me to make an argumentative writing which have to show two sides of perspectives. I've already done many times revision. what about this? please give the correction from every aspects of my writing. thanks in advance :)

There is no doubt that many teachers assign homework to students almost everyday. For some of the students, homework can be a tool to deepen their understanding towards the material, yet for others, homework can be something which can burden them. They feel that class tasks are enough for them, so homework will just make their works or activities outside classroom be disturbed. In fact, tasks during the class are not enough. Thus, homework has roles to help the students comprehend the materials.

Firstly, most students say that homework just makes them become stressful. Almost students absolutely have so many activities outside the classroom, such as course or extracurricular. Homework makes their stress increased. On the contrary of this statement, homework helps the students to manage their time well. By having homework, they will easily know what to do after this and that. They can balance their school activities and their extracurricular activities. Therefore, it can create a good study habit for the students. Imagine if there is no homework, the students will be very free and forget their academic stuff.

Next, homework can deepen students' understanding towards the material given in the classroom. Although there is an opinion that homework can bother the students in their leisure time, it actually can help them memorize and learn more materials from their teachers or lecturers. The teachers definitely don't have much time to explain whole materials at once. Therefore, homework is the one way for students to seek more information and deepen it.

The last, as what has been stated in advance; homework is a way for the students to find an easy way to learn material. Although there is an opinion which says that, if the students have no good mood or idea towards their homework, they will do anything to finish it through cheating, yet this is a wrong assumption. In fact, through homework, the students can find which part of materials that is difficult for them and which one is not. Thus, if the students have no idea, they can ask their friends directly or their teachers in the following day to get more explanations.

To sum up, homework is a thing which has influences to the students, especially in their study habits. We can not deny that there are also some people say that homework is harmful. Therefore, the teachers should adjust the amount of homework given to the students, so that the students have adequate time to finish it well. However, it is realized or not, homework is still helpful and it gives many benefits for the students towards their learning and understanding.

ana_p 27 / 81  
May 15, 2012   #2

You have covered all important points. I don't think that there is a need of any corrections. Your essay is perfect.


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