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The information about the average viewers number of daily program Channel One News

Reza_Hidayat 13 / 18 1  
Apr 1, 2017   #1

Channel one news - comparing statistics about numbers of viewers

The line chart exhibits information about the average of daily program Channel One News from January to December. The aired time could be divided in two groups as 1 pm and 6 pm figure, and 9:30 pm and 11 pm figure. Overall, all figures experience several changes, and the second group have the most contradictory changes.

The first group has a slight changes on trend over a 12-month period. In the beginning of the year, 1 pm figure stood at above 1 million of viewers, and it stay constant until the end of period. Meanwhile, 6 pm figure has the biggest number of viewers, but it experiences downtrend during a year. However, the first group has significant difference in the first year and it is continuing until the end of period.

The second group has a contradictory changes from May to December. Initially, 9:30 pm figure has about 3 million of viewers, and it peakes in May. Meanwhile, 11 pm figure was introduced in May, and it stood at under 1 million of viewers. Interestingly, 11 pm figure reach a peak at 4 million in August, whereas 9:30 pm figure hits a low of 1 million of viewers.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,252 3656  
Apr 1, 2017   #2
Reza, the information that you provide in the summary is incomplete. The line graph information indicates the start of the 11 pm broadcast as being May 1 and yet you failed to mention such an important piece of information in the essay. There was also no need to group the viewing times into 2 because the essay called for each time slot to be discussed individually, as pairs, or as a group that had overlapping figures. The information that you provide in the essay is reliant only on the immediate facts presented. There is a lack of closer investigation and analysis regarding the viewership information per time slot. You cannot present selective figures in the essay when each time slot had clear viewership number presented per month. These mistakes have created an inaccurate information presentation in the essay. the reader cannot accurately assess the information you are providing due to the lacking information in your essay. It was necessary for you to always quote the month, time, and number of viewers for the news programs of the station. The information would have created an idea as to the effectiveness of the newscast and the interest of the viewers in the program. Due to the mechanical presentation of the obvious information and lack of analysis of the viewership numbers per month, the essay will possibly only score as high as a 5.

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