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Information device help people to work outside

irhame 52 / 50 25  
Apr 11, 2015   #1
Information technology enables many people to do their work outside their work place (eg. At home, when travelling, etc.) Do the benefits of this mobility outweigh the advantages?

Influenced technology has improved worker's lifestyle. Because of this, ones tend to do their jobs in anywhere and anytime that suitable for their condition by using information devices. Although, there are many merits and demerits of this case, I personally believe that information technology has more positive impacts.

This technology alleviates job's concentration as work outside is related directly with plenty things which is not connected with their career such as person (father) who work in home is usually disturbed by his son for playing games. As a result, he cannot concentrate for his job. Therefore, I believe that worker unable focus for working in outside.

On the other hand, there are some benefits from work outside by using this device. Firstly, people can reduce their bored in job because work outside in several different places give new experience which minimize boredom such as in fact said that people will feel it when do activity in same place for long time. In addition, by using the internet, businessmen also could make a deal with their partner whenever they are as it serves workers to keep in touch with others in different time and place. Taking an example, skype's teleconference is usually used for commercial meeting today.

In conclusion, while work outside by using information technology has disadvantage, these case has huge merits as well. In my opinion, work outside in difference places can delete bored and internet will help them to keep contact in working every where and every time. I hope all companies allow their employees to work outside and provide internet service for them.

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