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Why we need introvert leader - Angela Hucles EILTS Summary Exercise to gain 7 Band

Fatirtalent 12 / 19  
Sep 23, 2016   #1
Why we need introvert leader - Angela Hucles

She believes that all people have the capacity to be a remarkable leader, the importance is preparing the capacity when given the opportunity. However, 96% leadership positions are filled by extrovert individual and only half of world population are identified by being extrovert. In other side, introverts supply only 4% of our leadership. A question that frequently appears on our mind is could introvert be the great leader? And how?

There are several things to do for being an introverted leader. Firstly, find your downtown after mingling with a thousand people. The quiet environment helps you to recharge energy, rejuvenate mind and body, catch innovated ideas and let your fire flowing back to you. Solitude is particular major for an introvert to find courage, desperate it to all team colleagues.

Secondly, involve all group members as important part of a team. There was her special moment at Beijing Summer Olympic, she was USA' members and won the gold medal. She was appointed as leader, affect her introvert qualities to engage all team members in every decision and being an essential unit on the team.

note: drop your comment with valuable explanation

ichanpants89 [Contributor] 16 / 777 309  
Sep 23, 2016   #2
alfatir, I can tell that you gain improvement in this time, particularly the flow of your ideas. Keep learning and you will be great on writing for sure. To enhance this further, you may consider the following inputs on your summary:

- SheAngela Hucles(please mention again the name during starting an introductory paragraph even though you already wrote it in the title of your summary) believes that (...) to be a remarkable leader,. (better to end the sentence here) The importanceimportant thing here is preparing the capacity ...

- However, 96% of leadership positions are ...
- InOn other side, introverts ...
- ... things to do for being an introverted leader.
- ... catch innovated ideas,(a comma is needed) and let your fire ...

For the last paragraph, what is the pronoun "she" and "her" refers to? Please write down the name of a person prior to putting a pronoun in a passage because this will help the readers in understanding your writing.

Best regards.

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