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GRE ISSUE - evaluation of the most effective teaching methods.

Junisha111p 11 / 21 4  
Jun 28, 2015   #1
It is always necessary to give review of student in teaching. Teaching is the way, by which one can shape mind of student. It is completely depends on the teacher that what way he is going to adopting in teaching. In the following issue task , it is suggesting that one must always follow a praising path to their student. I do not agree completely with the following reasons.

In the teaching of somebody , one must tell his positive points and negative points, but a good balance between both is very much required. If teacher completely focusing on the positive portion of the student then he is not showing his lacking point. Which is not true teaching skill. For instance, suppose a student is preparing for highly competitive exam, and he is not prepare for negative circumstances. For example, his weakness in subject, time management and his skill to handle the tough problem, then he would may face problem in the examination.

Likewise,Success always need a fear. A fear of failure, a fear of success, and a fear of achieving dream. It motivates student to work hard especially work on the weakness. If a teacher would not indicate his negativity then student would become overconfident. Such as, in the game of cricket, if batsman has made to play the ball which is his strong point and not even use to play ball which could trouble or even stump him. Then he would realise the point that he must have prepared for such environment.

The best way to prepare for any exam in life is to work on negative action. Teacher is the best coach for student to signifies his negative point, to share his experience in respective field. It has been that a best machine can mold best pot. In similar way a teacher can mold student by his experience and knowledge in respective field. In the defense field, where solider has given tough training. They use to prepared for their critical condition of war zone. General of solider share all of his battle field experience with solider to make them ready with real war. Because, one may make thousand of mistake in training, it wont cost, but one mistake in battle field could cost his life.

Sometime motivation is also required in the teaching. If a teacher always indicate negative point then student may lose his interest. If teacher provides balance response then could benefits more than expected.

Preparing a student, solider and employ for their respective task is act of balance response on their skill. Their positive and their negative skill. If they will be able to know their negative point then they would work hard to improve it . similarly, they would get chance to work hard to make their strong point more stronger. So giving mix response in teaching is very much required

M19O09F11 6 / 9 1  
Jun 28, 2015   #2
In the teaching of somebody , one must tell his positive points and negative points = In the teaching of somebody , a teacher should assess positive and negative points then tell his students both .

If teacher completely focusing on the positive portion = a teacher is focusing.
highly competitive exam = high
he is not prepare = preparing
he is not prepare for negative circumstances = Weaknesses
then he would may face problem in the examination
lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Jun 28, 2015   #3
There are many good points made in this essay. However, there are some issues with forming sentences. Many of the sentences are incomplete or need to be joined with other sentences. Some sentences also lack enough detail. I am going to try to assist you paragraph by paragraph with changes. Generally, you essay is lacking words such as "a" and "the". If you work on inserting missing words such as these, your essay could be better. These words mean so much to help with the ease of reading an essay. The bold words will show you how to improve on inserting these words.

Paragraph 1: The first sentence I think you are trying to express that when someone is taught they must give positive and negative feedback. Sometimes negative feedback is not expressed this way, some prefer the term constructive feedback. Focusing is not the wrong word choice, it is just inaccurate. You should change the beginning of this sentence to: "If a teacher completely focuses..." I'm not sure why the next sentence needs to be there. You could delete it: Which is not true teaching skill . When you say for highly, you need "a" between those words. Prepare should be in the past tense. There is a good transition word, but I think you mean that if a person has difficulties in subject areas, time management, and problem solving skills, then it would be stressful to take an examination.

Paragraph 2: I would change the first sentence to: Likewise, success can be met with fear of failure. When you want to include ideas in a series, you can start the sentence with, "This may include a fear of failure..." Place "a" before dream. "It motivates a student to work hard, especially on his or her weakness." Personally, I feel it is a better revision of the sentence, because it would mean weakness could apply to a male or female student. Place "the" before student in the next sentence. I'm unsure how you are describing the game of cricket. Do you mean that if a batsman has never played the ball and is taken off the sidelines to play, then he could show a lack of skills in the game?

Paragraph 3: "In a similar way...mold a student by his or her... in the field" "Sometimes motivation is also required in teaching." Add-s to the end of indicate and point. Add "the" before student and delete "his". This next sentence needs to be explained.

Paragraph 4: The details are adequate in the last paragraph, but it could be better stated. Rewrite the last paragraph. This sentence is incomplete: "Their positive and their negative skill." I don't know if it is supposed to be a new idea or with the first or 3rd sentence.
OP Junisha111p 11 / 21 4  
Jun 28, 2015   #4
Thank you MF19O09F11 for your instruction.

It will really help me in moving.
OP Junisha111p 11 / 21 4  
Jun 28, 2015   #5
Thank you very much lcturn87 for you instruction.

I must say that It will really help me in improving my essay skill.

your indicated point is really important.
I am going to work on these area.

Would you please suggest me based where should i work more based on this essay?

In the paragraph-2 I wanted to say that ''If a batsman would made to play only shot where he is good, then it would be difficult for him to play shot where he is not. ultimately, I wanted to say that favorable condition would not be sufficient for a batsman if he wants to be skillful. he needs to know about adverse condition too. He must know his weakness which could be acknowledge by his coach''.

Thank you,

lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Jun 28, 2015   #6
I will give you some useful tips to help you become more skillful. However, first I would like to address the batsman statement. A simple way to state this is to find a good word to use. It simply involves word choice. You are stating that the batsman needs to be challenged. If he is used only on the playing field for what he is good at doing, he will never challenge himself and grow as a player. Here are my suggestions to help you improve:

1) Look up definite and indefinite articles. When you look up "a" and "the" in the dictionary, it gives good examples that show you how to use it correctly. I have a Merriam Webster's (4th edition) dictionary. It helps you with English grammar in the front and punctuation use in the back, and is a good guide to using the dictionary.

2) Read the newspaper and informational books. There are a variety of sentence structures that can help you with your writing. If I don't read, my writing could diminish or fall apart, figuratively speaking, because I'm not looking at good examples of writing. Reading helps my writing ability!

3) You can use spell check, in Microsoft Word, but if a word is spelled correctly then your grammar or word choice may not be considered an error.

4) You can ask your librarian to help you find grammar tests. They can help you with your common errors. You will begin to see your pattern of errors. Also, the librarian can give you good online sources. If you look it up, you may want to go to a good site that can help you practice and that is a trusted site. They are more familiar with these educational resources.

5) Finally, you can get assistance from this site. I will be happy to assist you!
OP Junisha111p 11 / 21 4  
Jun 28, 2015   #7
Thank you very much for your help and useful instructions.
I will follow the same.
I will keep writing and will request you to please keep reviewing my essay.
It would be great help.

Thank you

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