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Job satisfaction: factors, element of well-being

Jan 16, 2011   #1
As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an important element of individual wellbeing.
What factors contribute to job satisfaction?
How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?


Workplace is a location where most people spend a major part of their life, after their student life. What makes a workplace suitable for an individual is the job he/she does. Job satisfaction is the driving force which derives maximum productivity and efficiency out of an individual.

In the modern world, industrialisation has resulted in a mammoth workforce. Job satisfaction inspires this workforce to work honestly and efficiently. Job satisfaction means how contented an individual feels at his workplace. Job satisfaction is presently a concern which is taken care by Industrial psychologists in an industry. It is the duty of an industrial psychologist to look after the mental health of the workers and to solve their dissatisfaction.


Job satisfaction is subjected to many factors which play a part in an individual's performance. First and foremost, requirements and needs of an individual is an important factor. According to Abraham Maslow's hierarchial needs, an individual has five main needs during his life- Food and shelter, social acceptance, recognition, finances and self actualisation. Second very important factor is financial security. A person can have peace of mind only if he has finances to meet his needs.

Thirdly, job security is very important. No employee can work efficiently and be contented , if he has the fear of being kicked out any time. Fourth most important factor is recognition and social acceptance. When an individual is encouraged for his good work, he/she will try to work more harder next time and would feel satisfied with the job. Fifth, job suitability is a prerequisite to job satisfaction. For instance, if an engineer is given the work of an accountant, errors are bound to occur. The field of interest of an individual should be kept in mind. The above mentioned factors are few most important factors contributing to job satisfaction.

However, how suitable an individual is to expect any thing, whether materialistic or abstract, can only be measured by an expert in this field. Industrial psychologists and industrial sociologists are hired by many companies to look after such problems, arising due to job dissatisfaction.

Thus, job satisfaction is a quintessential requirement for an employee to work efficiently in an organisation. An individual who is not satisfied will surely commit errors and it might even harm the organisation.

Jan 16, 2011   #2
1. Too many short sentences - all starting with " Job Satisfaction". Merge the short sentences to make a bigger & meaningful sentence.
2. Your thought process is quite broken up. On one hand you are quoting Abraham Maslow's hierarchial needs, and in the same para, you talk about Job security , financial security, job suitability. Think you should find a different quote.

3. The question asks how realistic is the job satisfaction. They are asking your opinion about it. Not Industrial psychologists or sociologists !
4. A bit more research on this topic would help ( on both parts of this topic ). Read up some more expert opinions & arrive at your conclusions.

Good luck
Jan 16, 2011   #3
what about this essay??? ..i am trying hard to improve and get my ideas flowing in essay writing...

question- Some people believe that there should be fixed punishments for each type of crime.Other, however,argue that the circumstances of an individual crime, and the motivation for committing it, should always be taken into account when deciding on the punishment

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.


Crime is always punishable. Retribution is the measure to counter criminals in a society. Countries across the world use different measures to deal with crimes-some have stringent fixed laws while some believe in giving a second chance for improving.

Fixed stringent punishments versus flexible correcting measures have been a controversial issue. A fixed punishment gives a message to all other prospective criminal minds what they should expect from the courts. Effectively , this prevents the criminals from committing crimes.

For instance, cold blooded murderers are given capital punishments or life imprisonment in many countries, which is justified because they are a threat to the society.

However, many times, a circumstances marred person is forced to commit a crime. In life, sometimes, certain unavoidable situations come up, which force a person to commit a crime. There are many convicts imprisoned, without their circumstances and motivating factors being considered.

The main objective of any judicial system is to safeguard the human rights. If an innocent person commits a crime by mistake, and is given a severe punishment, it will solely defeat the objective of the judicial system. It will incite hatred in that individual against the society. Such victims of circumstances should be given a proper counselling to improve and rehabilitate.

For instance, killing someone in self defense is not a crime. When an individual's life is threatened, it is obvious he/she will try to protect himself/herself. Such so called criminals, should be dealt softly at the hands of law.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Fixed punishments do restrain anti-social elements from committing crimes. However, a little degree of flexibility is essentially needed. Fixed punishments are only justified for history sheeters and hardcore criminals.

I strongly believe that the judicial systems should take into account the inciting factors of an individual who committed a crime. Redressal and retribution is a better approach as compared to fixed stringent punishments, which don't consider circumstantial factors.
Jan 16, 2011   #4
This one is written a little better. However i think you have directly jumped into the explanation of the topic.
Every essay has to have a Intro para ....main body of the topic becomes the middle paragraphs ...and a closing line / para.

In this one, you could start your essay by defining what Crime means ( you could refer to a famous quote / just give its plain meaning from a dictionary ...could be something that will help you get to the next para )

The rest of the content you have written can be the main body of your essay. Just re-phrase it a little better, use more meaningful words & each para needs to flow into the other.

The para starting with " everyone deserves a second chance " sounds like you are making a statement & taking a prejudiced stance.

However the last para also talks about your opinion but is better phrased & is a nice closure to this essay.

And remember one more thing: Even a para is like a short essay - has to have a starting line ... middle lines...& a closing line, which should be able to take you to the starting line of the next para. Thats how you will get a flow in essay writing.

Hope it helped.
Jan 17, 2011   #5
thanks a tonne lokesh...well its really nice to get guidance and opinions ...please do give me your reviews about the new essay i posted today on university educational approach.!!!! thanks a lot

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