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Toefl: knowledge gain from experience or book

taylor kong 5 / 8  
Jan 21, 2011   #1
It has been said," not everything that is learned contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

A public debate over knowledge should gain from experience or books have arisen to attention. There are diverse attitude from people with distinguished background. Some people would like to gain knowledge through reading books;while, other people prefer gain knowledge from experience which one face dilemma and take effective method to solve them. Personally speaking, I'd prefer to gain knowledge through experience; there are several conspicuous aspects as follows.

Firstly, on no account can we ignore the value of knowledge gain from books which is basically element for our growth. However, there is no denying that knowledge gain from experience has a great influence on our life. We are living in a complicated society, it is impossible that every question we met in society has been showing the books which we once read and give better solutions to solve it. It needs us offer different solutions to solve it which depend on different condition. With the development of society, people meet situation is totally different with ancestor's situation. Thus, ancestor can not sum up experience to told offspring how to do it when they face same situation. Take global warming as example, global warming is caused by over-release carbon dioxide recent several decades because people made refrigerator. In order to solve the environment pollution which need people to sum up knowledge from experience or not books because we can not gain relatively knowledge from book. Thus, this is the reason why I'd prefer knowledge gain from experience or not books.

Secondly, different people have different experiences, which have different solutions when they face same situation and people should not limit thought by book, especially textbook. Take textbook as example, so rigid think is textbook that students cannot stimulate their thought. Such as, students are accustomed to rely on textbook in primary school, they think textbook is totally right, while, professor might told students a sentence "do not over rely on textbook, it limits thought and, to some extent, makes many mistakes in some textbooks" when students enter into the university. Students do not accepting the model of instruction. However, knowledge gain from experience is helpful to people growth; it makes people understand that students could learn knowledge everywhere rather than from only book.

Finally, although knowledge gain from books also have its benefit, such as direct share fruit of ancestor's success, in addition, book encourage people reach one's goal when they lose one's heart. But, book present knowledge is boring and make student tired. Unlike knowledge from experience, we can feel the environment of happy and hard when student do their utmost to achieve their goal in life. Thus, the minor is too superficial and weak to strengthen the issue.

All in all, although some people may still remain unconvinced, the reason I have analyzed could at least make them more aware of the various dimensions of the issue under discussion. There is little doubt that more and more people will come to realize that knowledge gain from experience is more important than from books on my view.

ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jan 23, 2011   #2
hey buddy,
-i really feel that this line needs re-framing, especially the latter part.
" Some people would like to gain knowledge through reading books;while, other people prefer gain knowledge from experience which one face dilemma and take effective method to solve them."

-i feel buddy, that the 2nd n 3rd paragraphs are giving the same reason-that life is different, books have limited number of possible situations which one can encounter.

-write ur fourth paragraph as the third one. u have given a really good reason in the fourth para-book study is a lil boring, practical study is more adventurous n keeps a student focussed to learn. this can be given as a second reason...

-conclusion is a little weak and confusing...the strong reasons u have given in the main body, make them the base for ur summary...rest ur two points r really good...all the best and good luck...do review my essays too....together we all can erase our weaknesses and capitalize on our strengths!!!!

-one more thing...i feel u need to work on ur tenses....and also agreement of the verb with the subject....the latter part, i was never able to understand in my whole school life, however do pay attention to the tenses...if u r writing in simple present tense...keep it that way...

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