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"Language is a way to be connected with the world" Study Plan to Improve Foreign Languages - GKS

Nestadane 1 / -  
Sep 4, 2020   #1
So I've been writing my first draft of Study Plan point A and it's about Languages improvement. So I looking forward your feedback.

Do you think it's strong enough?
Is it relevant? Please help me.
Thank you.

Study plans to improve foreign languages(Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor's degree course

Since language is a way to be connected with people and the world, I realized the importance of English as international language and started to learn it since the second year of primary school. I learned and practiced my english through various books, novels and e-books that I bought. Started from mastering tenses and memorizing ten new vocabularies each day enough to built up my basic grammar. Other than that, I also used language apps in computer and mobile like Rosetta Stone, Duolingo and Lingodeer that did help me so much. In order to easily remember vocabularies that I had learned I usually wrote it down again in sentence on my notebook. To train my listening skills and pronunciation, I watched many YouTube videos, ton of series and movies, also listened to musics every single day. Because I didn't have any friends to practice my conversation skills, I used to speak to myself and It did work successfully in me. Also I looked for friends on Facebook so that I could practice my english.

Korean, I've learned to read and write hangul since elementary school but not the language. I started to learn the language since I was in second year of secondary school with the same methods that I used to learn English. Started from textbooks and e-books that I searched on the internet, used language apps in computer and mobile, also watched so many korean dramas dan movies, it helped me to understand the basic sentences and grammar. I also learned the grammar pattern in YouTube videos, there are so many grammar pattern in Korean and the grammar is more difficult than English make me love it because it challenged me. Everyday I memorize five new vocabularies and how to conjugate it.

Once I come to Korea, it will help me so much and easier for me to mastering the language as I love to learn foreign languages. I will focusing myself to prepare for TOPIK test by my textbooks, materials from schools and library. I will also practice my conversation and listening skills with other foreign students and Korean itself, join language club and school language program like language center. At this poit, I will not only practice my Korean but also my English as well. So as I will learn from novel and of course Korean dramas and movies will still help me a lot.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4799  
Sep 5, 2020   #2
Do not exaggerate. As a second grader, you still not have a deep understanding of the importance of knowledge and how it can help your future. Do not set out to over impress the reviewer. You will fail and irritate him, which could lead to the disqualification of your essay. It would be better if you avoided age references instead. You have a contradiction in your presentation. If you learned to read and write in Hangul, then you learned the language. You cannot claim to not have learned the language if you studied and learned how to write in Korean characters. You can automatically read their writing so you should be proficient in Hangul instead. You know the language. If that is not a truthful claim, then remove it. Again, stop lying ( if you are lying) because the reviewer is trained to spot exaggeration and lies in the student applications. You constant contradicting presentations will make him believe you are exaggerating the truth.

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