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Personal Essay- A leader is who I became

vbdesichick 1 / -  
Oct 28, 2009   #1
It was 2001 when I joined girl scouts out of the desire to service my country especially after the events of 911. My fellow Girl Scouts helped me become a better person by introducing me to people of all different ethnicities with the same motive as mine. They all wanted to be leaders and enhance our country. And over the years in Girl Scouts I learned that the three important things about being a leader to enhance our community were having the triple C's known as; caring, courageous, and confident. I will take these qualities with me wherever I go and apply them to all my experiences at your college.

It was my third year of Girl Scouts when the first quality started to emerge in me. It had happened after school one day, when I was on my way to pick up my brother from the neighborhood elementary school. I was about a block away from the school when I saw an injured squirrel on the street that someone had run over. It was lying on the ground calling for help and that was when I realized that I had to do something. So I knocked on a couple of houses and gathered a couple of boxes and a shovel. I then used the shovel to scoop up the squirrel and placed it in one of the boxes. I was confused on whether I should take the poor thing home or just leave it in the box, so I made a quick assessment and decided to take it home where I cherished it with all the care that I could give. In a couple of days the squirrel had healed and was ready to be let out into the wild. And till this day the squirrel still drops by to say "Hi," and I am really glad that I was given the opportunity to experience care.

Courageous was the second major quality that a leader should have and it was around my sixth year of girl scouts when it first surfaced me. It was near the end of my freshmen year when one of my friends came to me asking for help. I had no idea what she needed help with but I promised her that I would help her no matter what. But, when she told me that she needed me to help save her from her parents who were abusing her, I was flabbergasted. By taking this matter into my own hands I was putting myself in an unfamiliar position and if I made a mistake her life would be affected drastically, yet at the same time I still had to be brave so I went to the people I trusted the most, my parents. So I talked with my parents and asked them if we could go talk with the police and child care people who would further be able to help my friend. After a couple of months my friend was back at home feeling safe in her new environment all thanks to my courage and my parents help. If I didn't have the guts and courage to take someone else's matter into my own hands my friend would never be living a happy life right now.

Finally, the third quality is confidence which was aroused in me in my ninth year of Girl Scouts. Confidence had build up in me over time but it wasn't till I started working on my Gold Award project that I noticed it. My gold award project which I am currently working on, is where I help homeless people that live at the homeless shelters learn more about taking care of their teeth by taking them to the dentists. This project involves a lot of confidence because I am meeting all kinds of new people, ones who are completely strangers to me. It takes a lot of confidence to spend 20 minutes alone with someone who I don't know at all, but that's what girl scouts has taught me. It has taught me not to judge anyone but to help and reach out to everyone that I can. It has taught me to be confident in who I am and to share my confidence with others so that I can help them build confidence in themselves too. The tragic day of 911 had just given me ideas on why I wanted to become a leader for this country but it was not till Girl Scouts that I learned that by being caring, courageous and confident that my wishes could be fulfilled.

EF_Stephen - / 264  
Oct 28, 2009   #2
Nice logical flow. That's good.

In the first sentence--I don't think countries are serviced, but served. Also, 911 is a phone number. I think you mean 9/11, the date. Little things like this can just kill an otherwise good paper.

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